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I'm on Patreon. It's like Kickstarter, but rather than a big project, it lets supporters receive monthly rewards based on how much they donate. I have a few cool rewards available, such as exclusive post cards, block prints, art prints, and commissions. Check it out and consider supporting my artistic endeavors.


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I did my first artist interview many years ago (remember, MicahJGunnell?), and well...I've decided to bring that feature back to my current blog.

My first victim artist is Bronwyn Coffeen (zuckerglider). Read her insights as a freelance Graphic Artist and Illustrator, about what drove her to pursue art, what keeps her motivated, and her beverage of choice. :)


Check it out on my blog and let me know what you think.
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I'm writing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about my art process and such, so if there is anything you're curious about (materials, artistic influences, my approach, advice, etc.) and would like me to address, please drop me leave a comment below. 

Thanks, and have a great day.


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Hello everyone. I hope your day is going amazingly from here on out. :)

I have had a facebook presence for a few years now. According to dA, nearly 700 of you watch my art, a fact of which I am immensely grateful. I would appreciate it if y'all could take the time to visit my Like my Facebook page. It's there that I post more frequent updates about the goings-on of my art life.

Also, I will be having a giveaway soon. So stay tuned for more details on that.

Thank you,

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Just wow. Thank you all for all the kind comments on my art. I'm sure the recent Lizzie Bennet Diaries piece helped with the influx of new followers and pageviews.

There was interest expressed in making some of my fan art pieces available for sale. So I set up a big cartel shop [HERE].

Please comment with the pieces you'd like to see added and I will consider making them available for purchase.

Have an awesome day!

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Good morning, lovelies.

From now thru January 13, receive FREE shipping on orders from my society6 store. Click the link to receive the promo:….

I'll be adding a few more prints to the store. Y'all can leave suggestions in the comments.
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A new commissions feature was just released by dA. In the top right corner of my page, I've placed the Commissions Widget.

Check out the widget for details on what I'm offering. :)
Free shipping thru Monday:

The throw pillows and iPhone cases are very tempting. . .

. . . . .

Also, my art notecards are now available for purchase in a local store (Lunatix & Co.), which is a very cool development.


I will still be offering them for sale online, but I will be making some pricing adjustments.

. . . . .

If you're still waiting for your kiriban prize(s), I still have yet to mail them out. But I hope to have them out this weekend.

Now I have a bunch of paper cranes to fold, so I bid y'all adieu. :)

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Congrats to lemonchi for getting the 40,000th hit. She'll be receiving a drawing from me.

But wait, we also have two runners-up. The are Stephanie Lun and kryptocow. They will be receiving two (2) of my mini prints.

Thanks for playing. I really appreciate all your wonderful comments, the :+fav:s, and y'all continue to follow along this artistic journey after all these years. I'll have to do a "thank you" art piece.

Kind regards,

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Just a reminder that this is going on. It's getting pretty close, so if you get te 40,000 hit, take a screencap and email it to me (sharon[at]artgyrl[dot]com).
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Little Red by fresh4u Etch by KelseyBeckett Catwoman by DanielaUhlig Rest now by snickerdoots:thumb307585413: Erasing Amyloo by AudreyBenjaminsen May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour... by sanya The Outcry by sanya

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul by alifann Mockingjay by Kate-Kyrillion Sherlock I by alicexz W A R R I O R by robdolbs Skin Tone? by Briscott ABSENS HAERES NON ERIT by mementomoryo Rook Music by 3-hares Daniela by Eddgar2 Hunger Games: Johanna Mason by Verlisaerys As though through a Dark Mirror...The Perkins Gang by tnperkins

:thumb320371762: Snow White by Aloha-Mermaid P047 by charlesguerin

Effie Hunger Games Cosplay Photo DragonCon 2012 by Swoz Black Widow by CallieCosplay

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After weeks of teasing, I'm finally ready to offer my mini prints. Yay!

Details: Each pack will include 4 images of your choice printed on acid and lignon free white card stock. Dimensions of the card are 4.0" x 5.5" with a white border around if you choose to frame it. The title of the work is printed on the back with handwritten signature above it. Envelopes are included unless you request otherwise. Click the link to get an idea of what you'll be getting:….

If you request something that doesn't quite fit the dimensions of the card, I will most likely crop the image. I can email you a preview of what the print will look like before sending it to you.

Price: $10.00 USD, free shipping.

Payments:I accept payments through PayPal to sharon[at]artgyrl[dot]com. Please specify in the comments which prints you want and where to ship them (if the shipping address is different from the one associated with your PayPal account). I must receive your payment before shipping your order.

Other stuff: If you have any other questions, please leave a comment. If you can't decide on 4 prints, I you can just let me know which ones you absolutely want, an I will make your pack a "surprise pack." :)

. . . . . .

Remember, the 40k Kiriban Giveaway is still active.
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Since I've gotten quite a few new watches over the past few weeks, it looks like I'm going to be reaching this milestone sooner than I originally thought. So, of course, a giveaway is in order.

When you visit my main page and you see that you've it's reached 40,000 hits. Just take a screencap of it. You can either upload it to an image hosting site or email it directly to me ( I will try to keep an eye out for it, but if no one emails me, then I will have to go by my recent visitor list.

The winner will receive one 8"x10" (approx.) print of something from my gallery. I will be mailing this to you, so you must be willing to give me your address.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

EDIT (9.22.12): I think I'll also throw a few mini prints in with the prize. :)
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A post featuring my favourite pieces from the past several weeks. Enjoy.

paisley. by julv:thumb319267875: Katniss Everdeen by pungang:thumb312161943: Whisper by SullenEclipse Hunger Games: Peeta by fabiolagarza Kat Dennings by dewmanna The Party by AlessiaPelonzi the Peaceful Life by GraphiteDoll Lychee - 2nd edition by Viccolatte FULL BODY - GROUP COMMISSION 04 by Nashya Merida by kirachel DruggySherlock by CoeyKuhn Snow White by JessiBeans Snow White by kou-chann Kurt, I am your Mother - colored by Arzeno Loki and Frigga by Pulvis

Err... by chaseau Keira Knightley Ballpoint Pen by AngelinaBenedetti she has to work again.. by LiigaKlavina The Peacekeeper by MJWilliam Louis Cheung by paullung Hey Mickey, the Second Edition by Neryo Venezia by takmaj:thumb310386222: White Peony by Raipun Venus by Tama-chankitty

:thumb264036359: skin III by CarolineZenker O.. by andrewpershin:thumb320875411: The Hunger Games:Katniss Everdeen(At home) by LisaOakwood Blue Rapunzel concept 3 by Usagi-Tsukino-krv
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I've finally been able to get WordPress working again, so my blog as a new look. I will most likely be updating there more often now, so bookmark the link or whatever. :)

Let me know what you think.

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I've started adding mini prints to my Etsy store. I only have a few printed now, but will do some more of my favorite pieces, particularly fan art.

If there's a particular piece you'd like me to consider making into a notecard/mini print, please let me know (leave a comment).

Have a great day!

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Hey y'all.

I've put a few prints up for sale in my etsy store: artgyrlshop.

If there are any other pieces of mine that you're interested in having available as a print, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. :)
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For the duration of the summer, I will have a few of the pieces from my art show in January on display in the Fairhope Public Library. The library is amazing on the inside, and actually reminds me of the Smithsonian or the Exploreum, so if you live in the area, I highly urge you to stop by and browse. My art is in the Children's/Teen section.

I was also asked to donate prizes for the Summer Reading Program, so I will most likely do mini-prints of my art.

. . . . .


Avengers fan art, because it's eaten my life. :)

Loki sketch by Phobs Lab bros by Sarah-Sky Black_Widow_x_Hawkeye____Sketch by Kota-Stoker :thumb295971626: :thumb303035214: She can see right through by Vita-ex-machina :thumb255963610: _Loki_ by LindaMarieAnson Miami by Sairobi Iron Man - Garage by fernandogoni Loki by eve-bolt Snack Delivery by Sairobi

. . . . .


That's still going on. It's for when I reach 40,000 hits. Details HERE.
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I'm approaching 40,000 hits on my blog. It will probably take a several weeks to get there, but I thought I would mention it just to get the idea in y'all's minds. Last month, I held an art giveaway on my other account when I reached 15,000 hits. It turned out pretty well except for me mailing the wrong art to the winners. But things got sorted out in the end.

So, if you happen to be the 40,000th hit, remember to take a screencap and send it to me. Otherwise, I will go by my Recent Visitor list.

ETA: I forgot to mention what the prize will be. Most likely a 8 x 10" fine art print, but I'll see what's available by the time the kiriban rolls around.

. . . .


I'll be participating in an art show in July. Wait, two art shows actually. The first is the 20 Pages Sketchbook Project, which I've been working on for a while. The other is called Dog Days of Summer, and it will be benefited the local Great Dane Rescue. I'm really excited about both projects. With the later, I just began my piece last night after brainstorming for quite a while and trying to decide what media to use. However after speaking with a few people and having one random conversation with an acquaintance from art school, I have decided to execute it in traditional rather than digital media.

The thing is, I always have said I DO NOT PAINT, because, really, I don't. I'm a pencil girl. But I have used them on a few pages of my 20 Pages sketchbook. I don't hate it. It's just that it's very time consuming and I suppose I'm afraid of completely screwing something up. But I like to challenge myself with my art, so what better way to do it than to tackle gouache, right?

. . . .


I haven't done one since March. However, I've seen quite a few inspirational pieces that helped encouraged me in my endeavor to paint again. So here they are.

Compassion's Blade - Color by GoddessVirage :thumb284698709: :thumb156996729: :thumb207137472: Moth Dreams by erinclaireb golden ball by LiigaKlavina enmeshed in Nan Elmoth by LiigaKlavina ACEO The Princess and the Pea by Achen089 ACEO Beauty and the Beast by Achen089
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Pardon the progress.

I'll be uploading a lot of art here over the next few days that may look vaguely familiar. I'm moving things over from the dA account (opened 3 years ago) that I used strictly for my fan art. Before I put glimpses of it in my art progress memes. So now you'll be able to see the full versions.

I hope you enjoy it.