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ArtGuild is for all active submitters who are ready to make the commitment to improving their art and want to share their progress with eachother. The idea is to take on the challange together! Join the guild, make friends, share comments and tips with others and discover new art daily from different people with different styles, mediums and skill levels :)

NEW: Daily & weekly challanges, check journal for more info!

We also made a discord where it's easier to chat!

Why Join?

Joining ArtGuild is the fastest way of finding people serious about improving and starting to follow eachother progress!

Skip the trouble of...
- Single handedly searching for people with same goals
- Individually becoming a watcher to everyone to see posts
- Asking / making sure others become your watcher too so that they could see, comment and critique your work.

NOTE: When submitting art, check the box to submit the piece to ArtGuild aswell, so others can see your work!

Gallery Folders

Easter bunny girl by Ellirei
Hu Tao by Ellirei
Mizore by Ellirei
[Commission] Yua :3 by Ellirei
Aeolian portrait study by Kaldrinn
Color studies by BlackLenk
Hand studies #002 by Kaldrinn
Reference girl study by Kaldrinn
Monthly Challenge
Baguettes study by Kaldrinn
Candy - Study by Kaldrinn
Demon Cupid by RasheruSuzie
Disformed perspective lantern sketch by Kaldrinn
Weekly Challenge
key by Shepengul
55 / 365 ArtGuild Challenge: Steampunk Alice by DraumWitch
ALice by SentientLine
Daily Challenge
Day 38 by Houseart136
Day 37 by Houseart136
Day 36 by Houseart136
Light breaking through the Abyss by Yetinia
Artists Problems 20 by Yetinia
Daily Sketch 899 by GhostlyCarrot
Daily Sketch 834 - Comic Panel by GhostlyCarrot
Daily Sketch 818 by GhostlyCarrot
purple (colors part 4) by lil-angel616
Chemise a la reine (updated) by LualaDy
Robe a la Turque (updated) by LualaDy
White Ghost Cicada (collab) by LualaDy
Sketch Commission: Lich by Dawgweazle
Sir Terry by Dawgweazle
[Commission] Tia by Ellirei
Nintendo Switch Commercial by AngryDota2
Tricks n' Flips by TheCourtDroll
Coffee Reverie by LualaDy
Rasalys Sylas by Kaldrinn
Assuya by Kaldrinn

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Behold another exhilarating month of entries from our talented members. :dance: Thank you everyone who contributed to the challenge and as always looking forward to what people come up with next.

The Topic for August is "rescue". Interpret the theme as you may by the end of this month, before our next topic launches for September. :eager: Happy arting everyone and have a wonderful summer~

July Challenge - Alchemy

Alchemy Shop Advertisement by JulesintheRain Alchemy by Niruja Alchemist by GhostlyCarrot

Morning Remedy by Yetinia
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oOoemmaoOo Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018
ah, I missed this group. So many talented artists, who gave actual good criticism and interesting challenges. I didn't participate much since I had exams and I was a bit stressed at that time. I don't exactly remember why I left the discord, but since I finally finished my igcses and It's finally summer break, I might just join again and try to improve my art since I haven't been practicing much for the past year, I hope it's still active!
Yetinia Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018
Hi~ :dance: Totally is, more than ever I said, with even more things to do and collaborate on. We'd be happy to have you back. I hope your exams went well~:D
Idleye Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Alive and kicking. Do it
Malivol Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow that was quick ! Thank you for accepting me. ♥
Yetinia Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2018
Any time, happy to have you and happy arting~ :happybounce:
SarangKecoa Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi everyone ^^
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Hello, casper! ^o^
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Hello there! Nice to meet You all! How are You? I'm new here and I want to make lot's of friends here on DA :>
artofcasper Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome to have you in the group ^^ i sent you a message about joining our discord. You should definitely join there and come chat with us it's the best place to get to know everyone! It's free, easy to use and you can use it in either browser, download the client or download the app on mobile. This link will take you straight in there:
Axelle-Reiju Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi i decided to watch but i dont exactly know how to join the group using mobile,I would like to so I can also contribute in you galleries, mind telling me how?
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