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The Envy Of Narcissism

By ArtGirlDavis
22 x 28 acrylic and oil on canvas
This piece I really wanted to do for the 7 deadly sins contest but I wasnt even a deviant art member when the contest took place. I branced out and put this piece together with a lot of things going on. There are again several meanings and messages behind this painting and I was trying to effectively use some symbolism to convey specific aspects in this piece.
After posting it the first time I had several people say there was a mistake in this piece as well in the reflections in the mirror. I assure you if you get the meaning behind this piece there is absolutely no mistake and that it was done intentionally. hehehehe
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I included your image in a visual analysis essay that I did for a composition class. If you would like to read it  I would be glad to send it to you. 
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Oh hey! ive been off of deviantart for a while and just now received this message. I am flattered you used my work. I would be  happy to read it anytime if you even still have the paper. lol its been a while now. Thank you for letting me know also ;)
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6 favs only? No way!! I'm faving this.

I'm a narcissist myself and this is so me. lmao
so many people are like this....and what kind of moron would tell you theres mistakes in it? its surreal! If anyone says there is something wrong with this it means they're envious and just want to steal some credit for correcting you. This painting speaks volumes.
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Hehehehe.... Oh it doesnt bother me at all. Art is interpreted differently by each person that views it. Sometimes what you want to portray means something totally different to someone else than what it does to the artist. I rather enjoy people trying to figure my work out sometimes. My mother cracks me up at times doing this because she is way off base but when i look at the piece i can totally see where she is coming from. She makes me sound so deep .. pauauahahahaha its hilarious.
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Wow, the way you use symbolism in your work is amazing. This painting is insanely good, the narcissism idea is superb.
It's also painted so well, the colours, lighting. Just brilliant.
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I love the use of color and the meaning behind the painting in general...
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Thank you! Ill be watching ya...Sometime tonight when I catch up here I wanna take a look through your gallery as well!
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It would be greatly appreciated!
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The meaning goes something like "I may be broken and a total wreck on the inside/outside but I still won't accept it"?

Anyways, it's a great painting :thumbsup:
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Thank you. hehehe
Eh yes your are somewhat close on the meaning. The idea was vanity and envy in the same painting. The female in the painting is eaten up with vanity and her self image is perfect yet she is blind to what is really there; empty hearted and alone full of self love. The reflection she is blinded to is perfect. The 3 figures in the bottom envy this person while she still pushes them out.
It is meant to show the idea that we envy so many things in life but when we see the full picture we arent always seeing the truth. As for this person she herself isnt even seeing the truth because she is so wrapped up in herself.
THank you so much for the compliment. Im really glad you liked it!
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Wow, an excellent meaning. =)
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