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Graphite on paper.
I started this piece a few years back and finally got around to finishing it today with a few other pieces as well. Its a bunch of celtic designs on one page.
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hi. i wanted to ask if i can use your work for my tattoo? i plan to use just the outer ring and put something else in the middle if thats alright
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wow that must of taken a while to finish. very good work though.
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Love it, and im gonna ask you for something. My dad just turned 56 and i gave him a tatto for his birthday and he loves theese things. Would it be alright if i used the knot/circle for his tatto?
looks like it took forever.
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LOL ya it did take forever.haha
But celtic is a very beautiful design. Ya did really good.
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Its really beautiful!
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fantastic work!
it's fantastic!![link]
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thank you very much!
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Thanks very much :)
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Wonderful!!! <3 I love the intricacy and detail! Things like this take a maddening amount of time to complete... I often get dizzy when working on celtic pieces, I work on them for so long! @o@
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Lol yes, so true! ;p In the end, everything gets totally mixed together in my brain- to the point that I'm not even sure about color placement or which pattern I'm on anymore! O.o
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Hey thank you! Yes this did take quite some time to complete. I think i worked on it for a few hours a day for something like a week. You are correct though. By the time your finished with them your ready to scream and your eyes are killing you. LOL
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I very like it! :clap:
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:wow: cool love this pic nicely done Love the darkness of it :hug:
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