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Wacom Intuos Manga Packaging art

Created this image recently for the new Intuos Manga tablet from Wacom. It comes with some great comic creation apps. You can read more about it here:…
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Oh, you did this wonderful art that was on the box I got 3 years ago? It's wonderful!!! :D
I hope you got paid a hefty amount for this!
Constellia's avatar
Whatttt, omg that's actually the logo I got for my wacom tablet.
chikitooo's avatar
Oh wow! It feels great to know who painted this. I was curious, but I had no idea it was Artgerm. I feel honored to have something created by such amazing person. :heart:
akanapocalypse's avatar
So amazing! :happybounce:  I just googled you while looking at the Wacom Intuos Comic Tablet to see if it was you and yes, yes it is Clap 
CYENIDE's avatar
i knew it! i knew it was you! i'm so familiar with your artstyle
Zazoreal's avatar
so you created this artwork on my tablet box lol
Brandon-Ellis's avatar
I got this one =P (Razz) 
Do you have any tutorials on your process?
Candy-Meow's avatar
This is fantastic~  I love the background, so beautiful *.* :iconkawaiipinkukokoroplz:
Gaosm's avatar
My tablet! 
lolitaloxo's avatar
I bought it for my birthday its great
icekingwar's avatar
i just order this i was surprise it was your drawing on the box XDClap 
Startist17's avatar
Hey, I have that tablet! I absolutely love the design :)
- Star
DanW1988's avatar
I love the lie of direction and colors in this image so much!
Pentoro's avatar
.. I've just got this today but I can't download the Manga Studio.. Only the Anime Studio so I am pissed.. I'm in Australia too and I found a link that's only for Europeans so this is stupid as hell *crei*
Wushiyi's avatar
Oh is you
i have buy this  
your very good artes~
thank uoyr arts
larnacy's avatar
JediMasterFox's avatar
I wondering who did the awesome art on the box. Absolute amazing piece of work! It's just an absolute shame the tablet this advertises is utter garbage.
EnderNator10's avatar
i will get my own today when i am in the car to my moms home i will directley try it out and see if i can make some cool drawings any tips for me because this is gona be my first drawing tabled i ever used :D i hope it will feel an bit like i am used to on paper ^_^
shimekops's avatar
whoa! I just bought one last December 2014. my very first tablet! wheeee!!!  I always liked the art for the box. guess now I know why hahaha
MarlonTheAndroid's avatar
I use the tablet each and every day and I even bought one for my girlfriend :)
xevozzez's avatar
I purchased this tablet half of year ago,and i swore I could find some resemblance to your art and style...and now I know why :D great job!
ThePurplefungus's avatar
oh wow i brought this exact model!
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