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Vampirella Premium Format Statue

A statue design done for Sideshow Collectible. We are now running a contest for you to win a free statue here!
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Sexy and so very cool! Love 
Sil-Coke's avatar
Oh very cool! Vampirella!
I have the Comics with her.
tantian6891's avatar
A female vampire in leotard with thigh high is good for me, through I don't know her story.
KaiserDeadpool's avatar
who is this woman Bat woman i dint know because i dint know what comic book character she is or what show ? 
baldferretgraphics's avatar
Awesome work! Love the coloring in this.
MichelleLeRainbow's avatar
like I've never seen her before. Excellent!
Tonkin72's avatar
I've ordered the statue from Sideshow!
Awesome work!!! Placed a preorder for this art print can wait to get it!! again awesome work!!
David-Holman's avatar
Exquisite, exciting and erotic. What more could one want? Excellent.
Picture shows a real HOT Girl: Because she is sexy, the picture is awesome perfect !!!
Priscilla19's avatar
awesome work and awww..cute bat
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Good looking girl! Hot! If she wants me, - in urgent case - I would give little bit Blood ...
- But I better prefer Vegetarians!
Maybe we could develope Vegetarian Blood??? - That were the solution of future!!!
For all the Vampires of Fantasy!
And for all the real Killers who like meat. (=Flesh of other Species! - Animals who feel Pain and Anxiety the same as like Humans)
wow What lack of disrespect this is the artist work not your view on animal rights.
Sorry, I did no want to be disrespectful. But you are right. Let's discuss this matter somewhere else.
But if it is possible to intermingle reality with fiction the art is perfect.
And this picture is one of my favourites.
Talking to DarthDingus ... etc.:

Animals are animals - they don't have the intellectual power to decide about ethical questions. Humans have.
By the way: We are - all the same - animals too. But special animals. Bigger Brain. But that's all.
So: If we eat animals - without even need - it's cannibalism.

All that kind of speciesism is mad!
Talking to DarthDingus:

You like Indian thinking? I don't mind. Nevertheless I wish you all that's good! ;-)
But still I am clear strict a Vegetarian.
DarthDingus's avatar
Dude, animals kill and eat other animals. Why shouldn't humans do the same? As long as we give thanks to the souls and spirits of the animals who gave up their flesh and blood for us to live then there shouldn't be a problem.
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