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Three Kingdoms - Xiao Qiao

Artwork done for Generals Order, a trading card game based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao were sisters. they were known as two of the great beauties of ancient China.

Done in Painter and Photoshop.
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For a second, there, I thought this was Chun-Li... Sweating a little... 

Excellent work, though. I especially love how the colors all blend together, like a nice smoothie on a hot summer day. The background is a nice touch, too - so green, serene, and so very not-mean.
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Beep by sandymd  Ok I actually bought this as a playmat for card games (M:tG/Pokemon/ect) and I loved it at first but then someone pointed out that the boob in the front, the one closer to the screen, the one on the right side (from our view, not hers) looks like its sorta extra long? Like it is where it should be below the little bow thing, but its also above it? Or it looks that way from the fabric lines and such. Can someone explain it for me? I bought the playmat because I loved the design but now that boob is all I can see so I stopped using it in favor of one that has some bubbly anime mermaid children on it. I think if someone explained why it looks like that boob looks that way or something I could stop seeing it and be able to use the playmat again. I love the playmat, please fix my brain/eyes/consciousness. 
-Edit- Im being serious, just so you know. I love this artist and his art and this playmat I just need to know why the boob looks like that to me. Am I wrong about the line? Is there something im not seeing?
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I know it's been 4 years, but I think it's due to the lines that come from the collar and from the area surrounding the shoulder, there is two lines that seem to connect there and probably shouldn't be. I think it can be considered crossing tangents, which create a new volume where shouldn't be one. Sometimes tangents are hard to avoid.

Besides that, the difference in size from the two boobs I think it's not that much.

Probably a simple artist error? 
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Great Image

Fernando Coutinho
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This is very beautiful! I love how the colors blend together and how colorful the background is, I almost mistook this for Chun-Li! XD
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Love the background !
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I didn't even realize this was yours! My boyfriend has a play mat with this image on it!
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I'm running out of adjectives with which to praise your work!
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Awesome! I'm named after her!
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I love the character of Xiao Qiao! She and her sister are just plain awesome, especially in the Dynasty Warriors games set in the Three Kingdoms time period. Although you can be sure in actual history they didn't kick nearly that much butt, they were still by all accounts lovely women and true beauties. You've captured this Quiao sister's beautiful masterfully here! Very lovely, and very well-done indeed. :)
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This actually reminds me of a horror film I watched about a Chinese medical school...
No idea why. 
Still, beautiful!!!
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She looks really beautiful, well done!
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I'm a big fan of the Three kingdoms! Excellent piece! =D
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Everything is gorgeous...Except her left breast.
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OH MY GOD A girl who is in my shirt! '-' how so? !!
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