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Templar Assassin Portrait

This belongs to a series of DOTA2 Hero Portraits that I am creating weekly, exclusively for the Steam Workshop. 

Watch how I created this and download the HD wallpaper on Livestream:…
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beautiful lanayaLove Love 
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Incredible work!
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Where I can buy it?
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Amazing work btw, as always :D
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I wonder why Valve chose not to include this one in the bundle...Do you know why?
Her eyez 0_0 oh lord!! just spill all your secrets to me Lanaya! Lmao!
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I always though this character is very artistic, you can do so much with this character, and I love the drawing, however I don't like the two pink things, they seem too two dimensional, they need some depth, some lighting and to be less looking like a preset brush with some transparency, that's how it looks like to me now, but if could be fixed easily, very easily.
I would very much like a print of this!
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You can get it officially fromm
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Her posture makes her look very secreted even though she is the focus of the picture. She very much seems poised to strike as well, not just her weapons but the hunched nature of her shoulders and the head tilted forward implies a tightened abdomen as though she were ready to strike. very impressive that you've conveyed that with so little of her to work with.
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Please do Centaur Warrunner Portrait !
I love your style badly and hope you could do my favourite Hero. :(
secretly i admire you
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oh my god i want this as a mousepad
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sooooo cooooooooooool!
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She has such gorgeous piercing eyes. Well done.Love 
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She is so pretty. Your art is fabulous, man!
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so beautifulllll
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Nice one, the second hero i'm playing. She just missing some offensives skills, but a good hero anyway (I think that her lvl6 is useless :S)
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In the future you will be doing portrait Drow Ranger?
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This is ultra epic!
My favorite toon!  Very awesome!!
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