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Supergirl Next Door

By Artgerm
My variant cover for Supergirl Issue 16. :)
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If they make a SUPERGIRL stand-alone movie, I nominate actress Anna-Sophia Robb to play SUPERGIRL.  I just think she would be perfect in the role IF they do it soon or else she may get to be too old to do it.
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Simply wonderfull work! amazing lights! :omfg:

Can i buy your images for using them for a commercial scope?

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hello, how can i get this printed?

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"Seduction does not belong to the order of nature but to that of artifice; above all it supposes the beauty and perfection of an artifact. The object is always the fetish, the sham, the lure. If you've ever lost your direction at the dash of a word or a look then you know what this perdition means, how you are delivered over to the total illusion of the signs, to the immediate influence of appearances, to go beyond falsehood, into the absolute abyss of artificiality. The deadly distraction one single sign can cause in the blink of an eye..." - Jean Baudrillard
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Damn, good words dear sir:)
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Find more in my text, Fodder 'n' Frivolities.

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This current iteration of Supergirl I think is Artgerm's best work. All his females are attractive to be sure of course and his art style is mind blowing, especially watching his Youtube and seeing them start out as normal 2D sketches then becoming painting or photo realistic quality with Coral Draw or Photoshop. Even so though even more than all his other versions of her he did and even more than his other characters there is something about her face that really draws you in in, in a way that I can't really explain why.
Oops! Oh man!! Amazing light control!!
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I'm so glad that after all these years of being on DA, you still have that same avatar/icon. :D
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The shading and highlights thoo Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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That smile definitely made of Kryptonite, cuz i have been weakened by it =)
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That smile really catches me!
She looks a college crush who turns back!
It looks like a college nostalgia!
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Incredible work.
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I'd love to have this as wallpaper for my Win desktop background... I have a crush on Supergirl since I was 8 years old. 
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Ok, that is quite possibly the best picture of Supergirl I've ever seen
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I sense a bit of Margaery Tyrellin her face, splendid artwork :)
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