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Superboy and Krypto

By Artgerm
A not so angry Superboy enjoying his aerial space.

It was originally done for Superboy #4 but the client had a change of direction so I decided to finish this image anyway for the fun of it. :)
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superboy is looking about 40-ish in this image
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Now I know why my ulcer loves your work so much. This is amazing
FayLeif's avatar
my gosh this looks too perfect lol
silverstreakednight's avatar
Fantastic! Superboy is one of my favourites. :) especially in Young Justice.
lovelymars908's avatar
Wow, cute. You captured his tranquil mood very well! Nod 
wsache007's avatar
What can I say? :love: Awesome Job :iconclapplz:
Geminice's avatar
Ah yes, nothing sweeter than a boy and his dog :-)
Retinetis's avatar
amazing! he's very cute, and I love the playfulness and frivolity here.
pchiu168's avatar
Very nice drawing... WOW...
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nice , i like it
Sonicblur2-0's avatar
I huge change of attitude than usual.
icanhascheezeburger's avatar
I remember that cartoon! xD
conjob1989's avatar
He's been canon since 1955
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I don't know why Superman and Superboy are buff because they get there powers from the sun. I don't even know how they could get buff nothing on earth is heavy enough for them to workout with. But your art is still beautiful.
Jrockheaven's avatar
I would say that they simply have a supernatural ability to grow muscle. Maybe yellow sunlight is to Kryptonians what heavy workouts is to humans.
Rohit95's avatar
great.I really love it.
djomally's avatar
I didn't think Superboy could fly? in the new cartoon my little brother watches he can only jump really really far. or atleast that's all he can do since he's still young in the show. ehh its not big deal tho, GREAT WORK regardless.
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