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Street Fighter III OE Art 5

By Artgerm
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So here comes the last 4 characters of my Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition. Hope you like it. :)

Capcom is also running a design contest for this game with some great prices. Please check it out here:
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Someone is pirating your work on ArtStation.  Link…
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looks great, although chun li doesn't look meaty enough compared to her 3rd strike version ^ _~
Again great job.
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my favorite game!Wink/Razz Wink/Razz 
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Oh my god I love street fighter ! great work on the picture .
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the guy on the far left i think his name migh thave been just like Q or Z or somthing to that vibe but he was the most annoying fighter to verse up with.

Awesome work!
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his name is Twelve.
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He was incredibly brutal but thanks lol
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This art looks very perfect.
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I like the color and shading.
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Beautiful....really love these poses!
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Like the pose you put Chun-Li in, you still managed to get a Peek-a-Boo shot from her! LOL! Great artwork!
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Very cool images.
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The coloring's great, but I have to say I find the designs a bit tame for SF.
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Dan should b here. But awesome as usual!
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Sean needs more attention. He was my favorite quasi-shoto. Besides Dan of course...
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Who can beat this?
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and now you're famous, good job!
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So you were the one doing the illustrations all along!
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Wow! What an amazing revelation after being away for so long. I just bought this game a month ago and would have never known I had the artist himself already on my watch list from way back when I first joined.
your chun li's are always so beautiful!!!
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WOW~ very nice!
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can u please give the link to these characters?? please they r awesome
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