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Street Fighter III OE Art 1

This is my first "Real" collaboration with Capcom for the release of Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition. It was an exciting project and made me a fanboy all over again. I was tasked to create artworks for all of the characters as well as 2 box art for the game. Here is the first set of characters and the rest will be released in batches every week. Hope you like it. :)

I've also done a short write-up of my encounter with Street Fighter which is pretty interesting to read if you can spare a few minutes.

Here is the link > [link]

And here is the official game site > [link]
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I can almost feel the effort put behind this work.
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I knew it was you who did the artwork for third strike, I soon has I saw it! Love your work, your my favorite artist and a true inspiration. Thank you!
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Your work is Amazing!
sakamu's avatar
Must be nice being a professional artist. :O_o:
CoryCow's avatar
LOL! It's Team Karate Gi +1!
NathanRedgrave's avatar
Dude, seriously? You did SF3 Online's character art? Those portraits jumped out at me the moment I looked at them, I always stop to admire them when I start up the game.

You are awesome. Full stop.
Wait, YOU'RE the artist behind these!? I have been searching for the artist ever since this game came out!
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Stupid faggots play the two characters in the middle :)
CoryCow's avatar
LMAO! I totally agree! Every "fan" out there for the most part can play Ken, Ryu and/or Akuma like it's second nature and yet they wouldn't even know how to use any of the REST of the cast if they had to. May as well not be called Street Fighter. We should just call it Ken and Ryu Fighter now.
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Oh, so YOU'RE the one who made this awesome artwork! Great job!
TheComicArtist's avatar
greatly done sir.
KikeMeza's avatar
Incredible Artwork!!
gensanity's avatar
is that ryu as a kid?

joeFJ's avatar
It's makoto. a girl.
gensanity's avatar

so sorry I was was off.
great work as always
Migael-Morningstar's avatar
Makoto does look like a boy though. I think intentionally. She needs to be part of a tag team with Poison.
hairyrobot's avatar
your Makoto is sick!
DarkerEve's avatar
Pretty awesome :D
NachoMon's avatar
Beautiful renditions. A good twist for all charcters.
KdiOtox's avatar
Very good! Beautiful, beautiful! wonderful! Magnificent!
jdarko82's avatar
I love how Akuma is represented. It feels like each character has an individual personality.
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