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Samurai Spirit 7

Just another samurai art. :)
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I really love the samurai spirit series art.
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Awesome values, and very nice brush work! You got skills!! If you like samurai, check out my comic book project:
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Oh no. I've just discovered his work of yours and I may not be able to stop looking at all of your pieces. GAHHH beautiful.
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Hi there Artgerm! I'm currently working with a poetry publication called the Clay Bird Review, and we loved this piece of yours! My colleagues and I were wondering whether we might have your permission to match up your piece with a poem and post it on our Facebook page! Your Deviantart name will also be listed up there and we will send you a link to the posting so you can see it for yourself! Please just send us a message back with your answer.

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Now here we can see a good exaple of the tarditional japanese art applied to the new age techniques... simply amazing. 
HiroProtagonest's avatar
They call him... Jack.
sakurakira's avatar
This is my favorite piece in this series. I really like how there is no color or blood, just quiet intensity.
like the texture, very biutiful
Cyllan79's avatar
I like very much your work
donavatar's avatar
mind blowing ....
joshuainflames's avatar
Eszméletlen :)
claude666's avatar
i love your art *O*
RediniSh's avatar
love the effect!
Setteesitter's avatar
Strong,masterful,graphically intense. I want to see his next stride into a dynamic future. Your art inspires,dude!
jstone212's avatar
Great work I think all the other comments will express the same gratitude for such a beautiful piece while I stand astounded only to give applause.
jstone212's avatar
sorry about the comment underneath still new and didn't know it would come up on this
Sir-BiG's avatar
could I possibly ask for a high-res version of this? I want to print it and place it in my room.. I will give credits and everything.. :) please reply to !!
Siriusandpyri's avatar
You are just... awesome. I hope one day I can manage to learn such masterful techniques.
megapowerskills's avatar
Really nice fluid rendering
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