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Plus Ultra

He is such an awesome hero. 
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My favorite boi All might/Toshinori
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Your artwork is simply superb. Very Alex Ross. Im sure he would be very impressed
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teach me please!
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I love the style of your line of character and the way you present so much.
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i love this anime 
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Would you ever draw My name is Sakomoto?
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Omg he looks like trump
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cmon look at his face and say he doesn't
I guess. But everything else about him is nothing like Trump in any way.
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everyhthing else as in?
And don't you dare say the hair 
Mostly his personality and power (superhuman power rather than political power)

Anyways I replied to your comment as a joke, not from being "triggered". Triggered Pancakes Satan  
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i doubt many people would get triggered by me saying this allmight looks like trump.
I don't fully agree but I see where you're coming from.
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I feel he a better written Superman. He is powerful but isn't invincible.  His smile is so charming. 
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What!? One of my favorite artists like All Might? Awesome :D
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Yes....  He's the pinnacle of masculine perfection!  The virtual apple of every woman's eye!  And for many the piece d'resistance 'cause he just keeps on coming!  It's PlusUltra! The fountain of masculinity personified!  Let's stand up and give this guy a big hand!!!
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Oh my god this is simply awesome!! You captured his strength so well!
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