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Pepper Stare

From my Pepper Project series.

Done in Painter. Head gear outline done in freehand. Finished in PS
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I was literally 1 years old in 2004... my mans was out here ILLUSTRATIN

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This might be my favorite.Clap 
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that looks exactly like lava girl from shark boy and lava girl
aka taylor dooley with pink hair xD
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The ABSOLUTE CUTEST Pepper pic!!!  Only ever saw a tiny version of this before.  Thanks for this one!!!  FAVE!
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Oh my god. Six years ago I found this image and it has been my desktop background ever since, and I couldn't for the LIFE of me find the artist. I can't remember if I've already told you this or not, but it's one of my favorites that you've done. akhfgsklghasfkgh
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Beautiful,.. Did ya sketch it by hand, and then scan it, or did ya sketch it directly in painter?
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My first thought, "Pepper has ears!" My second thought, "Man, this is a beautiful piece, I love the pinks and red shades". Well done as always, Sir!
I love the coloring!
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it's truly inspiring to see how your style has developed and changed over time! thanks for this :worship:
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I like her hairs !
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this is very amazing just love the colors its amazing its so beautifully everything it perfect from the lighting to the wonderful bright colors
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She looks so full of life. Wonderful colors, beautiful drawing!
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wow, what brushes do you use when painting skin? just wondering. But I just love all of the peppers!
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This is GORGEOUS. The eyes and lips... and also, everything else...
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awesome nothing mor to say
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Wow, I love the shading and the vibrancy of the colours in this piece! The head gear outline gives it that extra edge by adding another dimension (no offense, but without this added detail, the piece would look 'one dimensional'). For curiousity's sake ;P, is Painter a program to better colour sketches? I currently use pse7, and I've noticed that many other deviants find it 'fiddly' and prefer it only to change the colour levels. I've also noticed that any sketches edited with Painter have a much "smoother" colour (they blend together better, not as stark and rigid as is pse). Or, is it only my inexpertise? (I'm only a beginner sadly, and extremely mediocre... no, worse) :D
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such gorgeous lines! :D it's so clean, do you just draw straight off? i find i spend ages getting one bit right, and then there are so many lines all over the drawing, it gets so messy. the lips are my fave part, the shape and colour are lovely.
did you use this as a ref?

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