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Pepper Smile 2016

 I've decided to do a remake of my most popular Pepper piece. It is just a simple exercise to see how much my art style and sensibility has changed for the past 8 years. :)

The old version: Pepper Smile by Artgerm 
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Nice Girl, nice view, very nice work:D:love:

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Pepper! You are soo good looking and I love your beautiful smile :D

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I already loved the first picture, but the difference between the two is just astonishing!

I love what you have done with the colors.

The background is so much more vibrant and fresh.

And she... She is just the epitome of youth, innocence and freshness.

Her facial expression is so perfect. Her dress, how it swirls around her perfect body.

Thank you.

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this art looks so kool so hot so great lol

likes a good girl. :-)

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Simply delicious. (:

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that's its a healthy ass
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Damn it, it's wonderful !
Colors and lights are sumptuous and her pose/attitude and her expression are Simply Beautiful !
She's splendid
This drawing is remarkable !

Special love for your skin color used, and all the lights and the shades on the skin, it's awesome !
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this is an amazing image.  Sorry that you have been getting so many spam bot comments on it though!
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Thnx great work !
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This is absolutely stunning :heart:
Very beautiful fun
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Nice job on her butt.
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Always room for a little fan-service!  :slow:

Okay...... a lot of fan-service!  ;)
I'd never seen the old version but the new one is fantastic, I absolutely love it. She smiles with her whole face and it's innocent, carefree and oh so happy. Thank You!
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I love your work
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-dat ass- dat art
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Any chance there's a future wallpaper version made for long hours peeking out from behind my mundane work?
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In my humble opinion.........
I cannot hold a colored pencil to you, but what a joy to see your work unfold in ways I can only dream of. Salute!
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