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Pepper Sleep

I think it is time to resume my Pepper Project before I got into the mecha mood for too long (sorry Kai), otherwise I can never see the light of my pepper art book. :)

Done in Painter 9 using Oil Paint, Chalk pastel and Digital Water Colour. 4 hours.
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Ajanime22's avatar
Wow. I thought this was a photo!
ender-wiggin42's avatar
pepper... apple... interesting...
4EverYoungKid's avatar
like in snow white...
4EverYoungKid's avatar
Should have been a red apple....
CatGal15's avatar
Ah, I see Snow White has a follower......:)
Gri-san's avatar
i love it, tu estilo es muy realista, te felicito.
Barttik's avatar
Beautifull... i dont know how u do that! ILove it!
kkbook's avatar
The lighting on this is just beautiful - I honestly thought it was a photograph in the preview xD
TheHellsAngels's avatar
You might want to check this link.[link]
:love: this one... looks like snowwhite :-)
Musou-Enrai's avatar
So realistic I took it as a photo! :omfg:
Nocturnal-Euphony's avatar
Been a fan of the Pepper series for a while now, finally on DA and wanted to express my love!
Magewriter's avatar
Reminds me of Snow White, though instead of an apple it's a pepper that poisoned her.
tilwen's avatar
whoah! that is so enchanting, it moves you to silence when you see it. at first i thought she was dead - the angle, and the posing, plus the cold dramatic colours, suggested as much. i also thought of snow white, the whole apple thing. beautiful. you said you used Oil Paint and Chalk brushes, are they preset brushes?
artariffic's avatar
I just love your work, very talented
great oil paint.....shows the beauty ....

sentyment69's avatar
I thought that's a photo xo great work!
Flash-13's avatar
Ooh! I hate digital watercolour! Every time I've tried it it totally sucks! nothing like the real thing! I like your work though! :giggle:
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