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Pepper Sky Sketch (revised)

Another random Pepper sketch. For those who wanna use it for painting practice, feel free to do so.

Done in Painter IX using Grainy Cover Pencil. 45mins. No ref

*edit: adjusted her face to my perfection. :D sorry about it.
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Looks like Yuna from Final Fantasy X ^^
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Just wow! She looks so beautiful!
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I just love all the different incarnations of Pepper. I always wonder whats going on behind those eyes and whats she's listening to. Great sketch, truly inspiring. 
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She's beautiful x1000 !
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I envy you, you're so talented! :)
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Thank you so much for this wonderful sketch!…gasp 
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damn you've master making digital looking like traditional art.
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love your artwork, it is beautiful! i did a sketch referencing this picture , provided reference link, let me know if you mind :) 

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The line art is really great! 
I hope you don't mind, I colored the line art. 
I gave you credit for the drawing since it is yours, and also pasted a link to the original in the description. 
If you have any problems with this I will delete it. 
Here is the link to the colored line art: Link
Link Keep up the good work!
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Is it the jawline or neck size but the top half w/o the boobs looks very masculine.
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love all of the detail, well done! :)
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so pretty :iconkissingplz:
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Stekki! :D
すてきな - 素敵な!!
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Wow:wow:!awesome sketch...

Recently I colored it in photoshop.
Pls :please:
check it out
Hope u will like it.
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you're awesome <3
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A big Bright smile for you :D
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nice !! so you use Painter !! thank God i finally found an artist that deals with Painter .. umm .. what type of colors do you usually use to do your art works ?? i'm dying to learn a little bit .. cuz obviously no one in the whole wide world uses Painter for any reason XD ... i would appreciate the help :)
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I can seriously color her? YAY I love you!!! >.< The sketch is wonderful by the way :D
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