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Pepper Rest

Feel like doing something soft. :)

Done in Painter. 2 hrs.
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O.O so beautifull :33333
How much do you charge per drawing (on demand) like the one in the pic for a children tale?
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Very soft indeed, and with a slight touch of sensuality that adds to the beauty of this drawing very nicely! Something just totally drew me to this image... I like it and will certainly fave it. :)
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Looks like she took a selfy.
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She is really gorgeous. I like the soft toning too.
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It is wonderful!:)
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Wah, I love her face. Its just so pretty!

I wish i could draw like this, I always have trouble with my own character. :XD:
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inspires me to make one too... ^^
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'Germ's a boss!
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Whoa...she's gorgeous!! Is this anyone in particular, or just a drawing you made up?
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She looks soft, I like the colors.
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How can this be your ID? You're a man!
Very, very nice illustration though :)
Love the silk-like feeling of this piece. It's really adorable!
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2 hours...2 hours... .I am really doomed.
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I love how fluid you drew her hair and skirt.
Nice . Amazing if it was mine i would finish it in 2 years
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So sweet and cute! Beautiful!
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he nice and awesome ......... can i use it as a reference.......
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