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Pepper Portrait - Process

Final image can be viewed here > [link]

These are the steps I take for this style:

1) Start off Simple construction lines for her face and overall composition. 10-15 mins

2) Once the sketch is done, set it to 10% opacity and add a new layer on top of it for the clean lineart. 30 mins

3) Remove the sketch layer, add a new one underneath the lineart and throw in some flat colours, usually 60-70% dark of the local colours.

4) After deciding the light direction, start adding values to her face without focusing too much on the details. Pay great attention to the tonal values.

5) Continue to expand the value range of her face, add in the cast shadows and highlights.

6) Move on to her clothings

7) Define the reflective surface of her helmet with reflection to the affected areas.

8) Finish her bra top and complete most of the details.

9) Set the lineart in multiply mode and tint it with the surrounding local colour.

Flatten the layers and blend some harsh lines with Painter's blender - Just Add Water tool.

Add the secondary light source from the left.

Final cleanup and minor adjustments of her face - I shrinked her eyes a little with Photoshop's liquify tool.

Total time - 4 hours. No reference.
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Yeeees, i love it! \o/
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Artgerm, which brush do you prefer for your sketch and line art? Thank you. Love your work, especially the SFV characters.
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What brush setting do you use for the clean lineart? I want to know!
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Flatten the layer and blend harsh line with painter blender?
Is that in corel?
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Thanks a lot for this process! very helpful!
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This helps a lot!!!
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Sir, you are legendary! Thanks for the tutorial!
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what does "60-70% dark of the local colours " mean?
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Anatomy tutorial for this?
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Youre the best !!!
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thank you for this tutorial, your work is amazing, you should do more tutorials  like this!
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what are you brush settings?
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how do you get your line art so clean and precise? I assume you did this in photoshop.
did you use multiply as a blending option for any of the layers or use the smudge tool? thanks
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thanks for showing this! very helpful
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A great admirer of your work.
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can you explain me more about value? I thought it can only be done by gray colors only, please explaen it to me~ Thank you for the great tutorial XDb
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thanks for the nice explanation... I love your work
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So glad you added step by step info as well! It really helps. I was looking at the outline and then read and saw just how you did it.
How do you tint it with the surrounding colour?
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Just came across this pic and thought I'd read a few comments and saw this. You might be a while waiting for a reply from artgerm as this is an old post.

However... I would bet that after setting the line-art to multiply, you would freeze the transparency of the line-art layer ("lock transparent pixels" in photoshop for instance) and then you can paint over the top of the lines, picking darker/lighter colours, as appropriate, from the surrounding picture using the colour picker to get the right tint.

Hope that helps. :)
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Hmm. Okay! Thanks, I'm pretty sure I get what you are saying.
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