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Pepper IFX - Process

These are the steps I took for the Pepper IFX cover. I don't always go with this process but it is one of the ways for me to approach this style of art. Hope it helps. :)

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Artgerm Process Study by fromseatoshiningsea I did you're tutorial :D It was helpful. 
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I've got the book that was on the cover of! I was disappointed when, despite being on the cover, it wasn't one of the pieces that the process was shown. Glad to find it here.
Nice.  I've seen your on the magazine.  I'm not able to use photoshop yet.
Some day.  Do you mind telling me where you learned it?

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AWESOME. I so want to try this now. :O Thanks for the share!
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What tools do you use in corel/photoshop?
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which is the real resolution of this beatifull piece?
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Thanks so much for sharing this! I admire your work and this means a lot to me, it's good to see a talented artist share what he knows:)
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Thank you so much for posting this, I'll try to do my next drawing with this technique !
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Nice step by step demo, thanks for sharing~
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It's about time I stop fooling around and become this nice.
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thank you for tutorials like this of your process! It's very gracious of you and a huge help to all of of us who admire your work and dream of painting digitally on the same level as you. I could look at your images for hours and with every one be surprised at the skill and say gosh dam! how does he de do it!?
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thankyou so verry much man this will definately help
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aaa i need to get this ._.
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Oh wow, I didn't even read the title of this and I was thinking that it looked like that character Pepper- and lo and behold it is lol xD. I've missed your artwork Artgerm, the stuff you make though is still fantastic :).
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I am out of words ... seriously ...
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This was such a huge help, thank you.
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Ahh! Thanks so much for the high reso!
I love all your works!
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dammit you're amazing!!!
Oooh, I'd do anything to be your student!
wicked helpful thanks :)
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