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Pepper Breeze - Process

This is my first process, not exactly a tutorial, but good enough to show u how I create a digital painting (Pepper Breeze) from scratch. :)

Sorry about the file is kinda big.

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I wish I knew which tools were used at each stage or the kind of thing which is being focused on.

That being said, I think this is very good!

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Reminds me of led zeppelin
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awesome i think i learn more from these types of posts than tutorials
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This is very helpful. Thanks!
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to me it looks best in the second to last stage. more crisp and the face has more depth. lovely work.
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Great artwork, I'm trying to start praticing digital painting, and even if it's not a tutorial it helped me a lot!
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I love it! Did you make it in photoshop?
Could you tell more about it? Did you used colors with some special opacity?
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Simple and straight! Colorful and cool! :D
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great process, beautiful work! could you please tell me what was your brush set for this piece? thank you very much!
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I Just Love it!!!!
Beautiful :D thanks.
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Wow this is really cool! Could you tell me what brush you used?
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Nice share, many thanks. :D
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I love "making of" series! :)
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i just love ur art
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I have no words! Very elegant sketch!
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I wish I knew what you did to soften the pencil lines in the final step. So lovely and ethereal...
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If it's in Photoshop, simply lower the opacity of the pencil layer, it'll soften the lines to how you want them :)
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I love seeing art broken down. It really allows you to see exactly what kind of work went into the project and allows you to appreciate the finer details more. It's like have a personal guide at a museum.
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