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Ms Marvel

** After reading some comments from the members and having another look at the image, I tend to agree that she is showing a little too much ass and becomes distracting. Thanks! **

Just did this in my Join.Me live painting demo for all of my dA chatroom members over at Artgermination. I conduct live painting sessions regularly for them to improve their craft. :)

You can welcome to join my chatroom too! [link]

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Ever thought of remaking this drawing with Carol as Captain Marvel?

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God she was soo much better as Ms Marvel. I admit her costume was very revealing but she was as badass as she was sexy. New look as Cap Marvel - Meh
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The one True Ms/Captain Marvel aside from Mar Vell
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WOW!!  (whistle)  Good God this is Beautiful artwork!!
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There is no such thing as too much ass.. Well maybe if we're talking about a few metric tons of ass. Her derrière is perfectly proportionate to her perfect proportions! Ooh la la Love 
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the skins looks so real wow
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Truly amazing
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any possible way to buy this print ?
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Is it me or does she look exactly like megan kelly from fox news?!
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Actually, this is one of the best Ms Marvel depictions I've seen on the site! And, though it may sound a tad unrefined... her ass looks great. She can distract me with it anytime! *Giggle* :D But, in all seriousness, this is a perfect painting of her, and one I am glad to fave, me being a big fan of Marvel-related stuff. :)
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I love her ass. It's what attracted me to it.
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This gets my seal of FAProval.
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