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Last Overwatch character art before SDCC. :)
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This is good and all but.. No one fucking likes Mei..
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Hey artgerm! Can I use this picture for my youtube video thumbnail? I'll link your account too ;)
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MEInnequin Challenge

What is she doing opening her mouth while in the freezing north? Her mouth could have hail or snowflakes good challenge though
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i wonder what she is saying
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她好像只是在往手上哈气:) (Smile) 
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How does she keep her glasses from fogging up and freezing?
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can I like have guidelines of one of your drawings, goddamn ;w;
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So beautiful!
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wow thats nice artwork!
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I've been following you for a few years now on here and had no idea you'd be at SDCC. Glad we picked up this print from you this year! Beautiful work!
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My boyfriend, friends, co-workers, and even my family told me that Mei resembles me in person. Lol I secretly thought the same thing, but just thought there was no way I was that cute. After hearing all of them say that I felt pretty darn cute ;D This drawing is super duper cute too, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Great job! xx
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Gah, it's snow satan! Begone, she-devil! But in all seriousness, she looks absolutely all-round incredible, and I can't stop admiring the way you did her outfit. Especially her fur ruff. The texture's so well done!
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Wow,look very real 
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Please do Widowmaker next!!!
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