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Manga Studio Debut 4

Artwork created for Manga Studio Debut 4 by Smith Micro Software.

Done In Painter IX.

Product info > [link]=product_full&sku=MSDW40XX
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I don't have words
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I have this software and the same pad you do it seems, but I could never figure it out well enough to give up my pencils. I wish I could use this software. 
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LMAO! I find it funny it's a picture for Manga Studio, but it was created in Painter. :D That explains why it's so gorgeous!
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I thought the same thing...
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just wondering, how do you upload a picture from Manga Studio Debut 4 from the computer onto Deviantart? I'm having trouble :(
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You may have already found an answer, but anyway.

I do not have Manga Studio Debut 4, rather, Manga Studio 5 ex. There should be from the File menu an export option.

Manga Studio, at least 5, uses a  .lip format natively, so you need to export as probably a .jpg or .png. Save it somewhere and then upload the exported version to deviantart.
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I did find an answer, but thank you for taking the time to respond anyways!
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Surprenant !!!
OMG, I got that package standing on my desk!!! I'm always looking at this beautiful picture! :DDD

By any chance, do you know any good tutorials for that program? :)
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earlynn Seeee?????? 1 line down the belly!!!! If your going for sexy/buff.
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she looks like a madoka magica 
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You know I just bought that program & I have to say the cover looks fabulous. 

Fine work.
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i just bought that program 0-0
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i have no word awseome
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Oh glob, your the person who made these? I saw these pictures a while ago and I was thinking "Oh glob, whoever made these, is a awesome artist!"
And I was 100% correct
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