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Lina - DotA2

Here comes my last DotA2 character - Lina Inverse. So in total I have 1 cold, 1 hot, 1 dark and 1 bright DotA2 babes. Life is complete now. :)
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Amazing composition and choice of colors! =D

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how long did this approximately take?..
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wait...thats from dota?!
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Gourry better not call her flat-chested anymore lol. great art by the way :D
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Hi there :) 

This is so awesome that I wanted to ask u if I can use for my avatar ?? :O as u can see I don't have an avatar xD 

Thank you 
Lina She has the same name as the main heroine from the anime Slayers!
lunasrl1's avatar
Yup, I believe it was intentional, otherwise that'd be one odd coincidence~ Slayers is my favorite anime :heart:
DigitaHallucination's avatar
my favorite hero!! "rampage" im hot! ur back :D
iMooshake's avatar
awesome stuff!
Lapin-de-Fou's avatar
So many people stealing your works >.<…
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But Lina is supposed to be flat!  That was a running gag in Slayers!  Still love it ;)
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Great, i whish i had the skills :-)
RAINEing's avatar… these guys are using this pic for their youtube channel banner. Just thought you should know
Joe-4-Kerr's avatar
You know... Artgerm's so famous, so everybody knows his style. And this is kinda famous pic. Easilly tineyed or googled. So don't think he cares.
Frostfox2424's avatar
There are many, users (On the grid) there is using other's great art and work. Wrong i think. 
Swenom's avatar
My first character in dota. Nostalgia. Smooth as hell. Wonderful work Clap 
Kapitastic's avatar
Ive used this great piece for this:… hope you dont mind :)
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haha it is silly that the OP think he can get away with this and have Valve approves it.
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Awesome Artwork!!
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