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Jean Grey Phoenix

By Artgerm
Another Marvel heroine to my gallery. Thanks to Marvel vs Capcom III. :)
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why is the suit sometimes green and sometimes red?
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Beautiful painting! Outstanding work of art!happy teddy 
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This makes me miss the original Chris Claremont era of X-men even more as it's a perfect example of the art that goes with good stories.
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Stolen:  C1562a69d5964e26a70b32e54ec58e3f by dmmirander  I'm sure you didn't grant them to redistribute your work.
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Hi, I made a small animated GIF based on your awesome work.

Jean Grey Phoenix - Animated Version by TimTaller

Hope you like it
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Been a fan of this piece way before I joined DeviantART one of the reason that got me drawing more often!
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Will you ever re-release this as a print? I adore this piece!!
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 tho lol Love it.
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This is so amazing!
So beautiful and powerful like Jean herself! I love the flames! Great job!
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Man your work is just off the chart INSANELY DIVINE.
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Incredible! I love your Marvel fan artwork!
shame i can only do the favoirite thing once. i'd hit it more if i could i love Phoenix force
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I think I just can't say anything but WOW La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Looks so impressive!
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I simply adore this. You are so incredibly talented. Jean Grey/Phoenix has been my favorite Marvel lady (Psylocke a close second) and you have captured her perfectly! Love love love! :blowkiss:
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Fantastic Phoenix! Such a perfect Jean Grey you've painted here, the look is absolutely astounding, and filled with fiery energy that really shows the power of the Phoenix Force and the menacing look on Jean's face truly brings out the whole "could turn into Dark Phoenix at any moment" vibe that this type of painting must have in order to be spot-on, which this totally is. Must fave it for sure! :D
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This really captures the essence of phoenix. Great job guy :) Love your work.
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