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JL Rise and Fall: GREEN ARROW

Cover Illustration done for Justice League: Rise & Fall Special

“Green Arrow murdered Prometheus — but it’s not over yet! With his city lying in devastation, his former sidekick dismembered and his granddaughter dead, the Emerald Archer continues to seek out his own brand of Justice from those responsible for the tragedies that have befallen him.”

You can preview the comic here: [link]
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Prometheus, you have failed this city!

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I really love this picture of Green Arrow! He is an amazing archer! The details and colors of this picture are top-notch! Astounding work!
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Got right to the point
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Awesome Work!!
Monami-kunART's avatar
So beautiful ;-; 
Foremem's avatar
my condolences.
dizzandesigns's avatar
im not a GA fan but i like this pic
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OMG...Love It 


I loved this image the first time I saw it on the comic. Your artwork is INCREDIBLE!

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Wow! Very high caliber art. I'm super super super jealous. I wish had your skills.
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Badass art pic love the show and art pic :D
Ezzy-as-it-is's avatar
who misses the beard
MuertosTheMorbid's avatar
huge fan of Green Arrow, awesome job :D
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how the flying fuck does he uses arrows with spikes instead of nocks?
FKAwesome's avatar
he's just that good
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And this one. Green arrow is boss BTW
mana2348's avatar
everything just went south for Ollie when he started killing
kiangi's avatar
its that hawkeye??
...It's Green Arrow.
kiangi's avatar
no the one that green arrow's trying to kill
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