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Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman from Fantastic 4. ;-P

The initial part of this painting was used as a stream demo for my chatroom members.

Done in Painter & Photoshop. 7 hours.
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Too bad she's 'Invisible', because she's surely worth seeing!! 
wyatt0502's avatar
Great desgin and love the way its done
epicheroes's avatar
cgbutler's avatar
Was her tattoo done with... Invisible ink! Lol. 
AthWrg3's avatar
Stunning! Her face is gorgeous.
JaydenTivon's avatar
Been lookin' for this.
ArteDigitalSA's avatar
great job! why is it labeled as "mature content"?
GojiraGamer's avatar
Probably because of the sideboob, despite the nipple fading out.
wish i could do this
YankeeBlueJeans's avatar
Greatness, as always.
gao-lukchup's avatar
In the movie "hollowman"
i think ....Yes all the body is transparence
.......but the Shit in the body ,its not human body
and..we must see shit flying and moving in the air? right? 
hmbugs's avatar
Wow, beautiful! Love Clap 
Sir-FrowNz's avatar
This one's my favourite! 😊 surprising I can have a favourite though because all of your art is simply beautiful. Also the only reason I downloaded this app 😅 keep it up! Looking forward to more of your art ☺
I made an account and tracked this photo to here just to purchase it. Please tell me there is a way.
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which would be better? to BECOME invisible or to SEE the invisible? i have a feeling the latter would seriously mess with one's sanity
bmw117's avatar
Butt, I can still see her.  Very nice piece of work.
Kitpashka's avatar
Ahah, nice idea here, i love this one : D
7 hours? Amazing... o__0
Gozeta0075's avatar
This was great. I've seen other works of yours around the web and this one really is fantastic. XD
adaniels's avatar
What a great idea!
AliasArtworks's avatar
very nice. great use of colour, nice texture. beautifully done. and, of course, love the topless ;)
monterrang's avatar
it make remember the joke about a picture of the bed title : mr and ms invisible's sex tape (damn hot warning)
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