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Head of Elven

Had a few hours of Hobbit fun. She is such a gorgeous elf.

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She is now the Wasp, the second Avenger from "The Lords of Rings".
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evangeline lilly is beautiful even if she is painted 
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love this piece..........I think I've fainted. 
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You make her look so cool!
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Kate with pointy ears! Nice Portrait!
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:star: revamp Spotlight  Featured hereOne Last Time Spotlight :star: revamp
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Definitely need to rewatch the Hobbit again!
And your art is just gorgeous!
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Love the style
Wow! I thought this was just a picture of Tauriel taken and edited with! But, no -- it's a painting!
xx-heartandsoul-xx's avatar
wow! i am such a geek about LOTR. great job! keep up the awesome work!
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Love how the red hair is swirling.
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Absolutely amazing work. I love how you use the hair to frame the composition. 
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Love her! You paint her nicely.
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Je pleur c'est tellement proche de la réalité......bravo
O_o so good.
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Feels like Guild Wars 2... great work
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I agree, and it was amusing watching Legolas running his arse off trying to catch up to her. :D
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She looks like Freckles from Lost
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It's the same actress.
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Looks great. I much prefer elven, faeries, etc to have a more human face. Somehow its easier to relate to them more closely. Also a thought in the back of our minds is perhaps they are still here, how easy to just adjust a few features to fit into human reality, while they have to endure us. Hopefully their real world is in better shape than ours, or ours would be in worse shape without some natural force (Gaia?) to work to make it better despite us.
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Absolute heaven, there's nothing hotter than a redhead elven
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