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Harley Rebirth Issue 1 Variant Cover

My Harley Quinn #1 Variant Cover with Legacy Comics and Cards. The book will be on sale August 3rd. UK fans can order this over at Limited Edition Comix
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great artwork i i got my own poster of alerquina in my room i made in photoshop so take my especial congratulations stanley law long hus from portugal xd

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I have the poster of this, I bought it from Wal-Mart. Dang even the local comic shop has this poster.
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i saw this at wal-mart today also.. and was like..i  know the artist who did this.. the only problem that i see with is that they got rid of his signature thats next to her hip. I know there has been alot of things going around saying that others need to credit artists and all but, thats a hit below the belt by completely removing the sig and i don't believe they even mention on the labels anywhere of the artist. :(
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One of my friends has this poster!  I had a feeling you drew it
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Awesome painting !
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Damn Harley you sexy chick 
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I love this❤❤❤!!!!
great picture!!
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Harley Quinn, Villain or Anti-Hero?
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yesssss i love it! <3 
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Hope she wears something like this in the sequel.
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Congrats on getting a statue made of this 
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Lookin so sexy!
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Excellent! ;) and good idea with the kiss !
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Isn't this the photo that feminists photoshopped to make look fat?
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beautiful Harley amazing image !!!!!!
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your art is AMAZING i am blown away!!! 
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As always, amazing!
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I love this pic you are an amazing artiest<3

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