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A quick portrait of Hanzo from Overwatch.
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Pretty awesome.
Love it!
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Wow you really nailed his features. If you took away the tattoo, the hairstyle and the bow I would still know this was Hanzo's face. That is not easy to do when referencing from a game that is so stylized. You have mad skills. Great job. 
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this is so good aaaaa
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wow, a quick sketch? how long did this take?
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want it for background photo
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His gaze is intense and the work on his tattoo is masterful. 
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Incredible! You've definitely got to be one of the best digital artists' out there.

I thought it was Mitsurugi from soul calibur at first! XD lol
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whaaaa is simply impresionant, the textures, the ligths, the pot, all, simply perfect i waching you now :D
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A QUICK portait? Omg XD Amazing ~  !!
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My favorite Hanzo fan art! :D
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