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This is specially created for the launch of the new branding of dA. It is just my token of appreciation to the Angelo and his team for providing me more than a decade of artistic fun and inspiration. I am extremely excited to witness this new chapter of dA and will continue to give them my best support. Well done guys!! :) 
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This seriously deserves a DD....
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I like the paper effect
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This should be a DD!
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I love the abstract shading style! Her facial expression is perfect
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I love this! It's so cool!
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
HEY! Did you bring this full circle by bringing back Pepper?! That old, almost-became-dA's-mascot before the  Fella? :relaxed:
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Could you explain? :0
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Way back, back before 2010 when I joined, there was no Fella on dA and deviantART had it's old logo ( :dalogo:  ) and no mascot. This person here created Pepper (pictured here with deviantART's brand-new logo ( :rabbithole: ) and I hear she became popular enough that she could almost have become deviantART's mascot. But she didn't.
Seeing her now with the new logo like this makes it feel like dA went all the way around back to Pepper.
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amazing! its so creatyive with the pen and shizz
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Deviantart aprooves-
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that's soooo pretty and inspiring <3 :heart:
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Wow, that's nice!!
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This looks awesome! :O
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Is that the girl from Pokèmon? The Gym leader? I forgot her name but it looks a lot like her.

EDIT: Nevermind, I was thinking Gardenia.
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this deviantart logo looks awfully similar to
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Actually, we can't say that its stolen, I looked at the evolution of the logo of DA and it was different, but yes:
They look the same!! :D
MelodyGlow's avatar
i guess so
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