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Darkstalkers Resurrection Key Art

Finally I can reveal this piece of art that I did recently for Capcom's upcoming title: Darkstalkers Resurrection. It was announced last week at NYCC where I did some signings and gave away this as posters. It was such a great joy working with the Capcom team.

I've also done all of the character portraits for this game which I will upload them here when I get the green light. :D

You can find more info about this game over at Capcom Unity: [link]
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BBWlover1997's avatar
You made this art?
MechaTikal's avatar
Oh, I saw it on the XBOX Live store! It's such a beautiful piece of art!
rainbowrockstwilig's avatar
This is cool, but is there 2 Felicias or are they just twins? :|
Flapkac's avatar
I can't say words...
SamuraiShinai's avatar
not mah favorite Morrigan thing (ah prefer HER to stand alone, both lethal and sexy :D) but its an Artgerm work so its still amazing !!
Awesome artwork!   I'd love to have this as a poster!
FanArtistik's avatar
Wonderful job. :clap:
catfitemike's avatar
Love Capcom Art, and Darkstalkers is one of my faves! :D
BernardSoegaard's avatar
I've seen some of your art a few years ago, here on DA. Noticed the title being available on XBL not that long ago.. Had no idea you were behind this piece. I am happen on your part mate. Well done!
Hergman's avatar
morrigan is front and center!
kaneco's avatar
I would love to have this art without the logos...just the art! Is there a logo-less version of this art out there? :D
FightForABetterLife's avatar
I´m in love with all of the colours. You really make me believe anyone can do it with lots of hard work.
VictorMF's avatar
I look forward to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

SchitzophrenicNeko12's avatar
I absolutely love this!!!
anoto's avatar
awesome i salute you
KonoeitheWolfSpirit's avatar
Omg. Beautifully done <3
ultimatesol's avatar
artgerm should quit making Street Fighter or Vampire Savior arts. He and his style just ruin the legends, nothing more.
Maruceru's avatar
Yeah, maybe you should huh?!
Moonsilver-Knight's avatar
While I've never even played a Darkstalkers before (dont think it was ever available here in Ireland), I will likely be picking up DS Resurrection.

This art is just awesome, though... why are there two Felicias?
Moonsilver-Knight's avatar
...Nevermind, I didnt even notice there was two of certain characters on either side >.>
killjoySG's avatar
Talbain I'd get, but 2 Felicia?
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