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DOTA Stars

By Artgerm
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A fanart I did for WCIII Dota all stars. It was pretty hard to take reference from the low-polygon in-game models! Anyway, hopefully this can take the place of the loading screen in the next update (don't really like the current one ;p)

Done in Painter IX. Each hero took me about 1.5 hours +-

** This image is done as wallpaper for all DOTA fans. 1280x960

** Added colour tints to the image. For those who prefer a b&w version, here is the [link]
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Jeje, old times.
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captain-pieStudent Artist
Aaawww man... This brings back memories... To think almost every time I loaded the game, I was seeing this guys work. And the old dota... MMMM! Nostalgiaaaaaa! Almost makes me wanna hop on WC3 and play some dota 1~!
Almost. Back to DotA 2! :D
Very nice artwork, I like the way Illidan (Or terror blade) looks, very cool.
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amazing work i remember seeing this back when i played
n1fd3l's avatar
i remember that screen and i tried to draw like thousand times really love your work :D
misterion849's avatar
brings back good memories  :)
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leimapagdalitaHobbyist Traditional Artist
is this the original
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ArtgermProfessional Digital Artist
Yup I did that old classic loading screen for dota 1
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Wow dude you are a Legend then! I play DotA for 8 years now.
Rafael-Banzai's avatar
Old but gold.
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senikki05Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice art!
BlizzCast's avatar
thnx using it as my my wallpaper :0
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joeFJProfessional Digital Artist
I love warcraft. Thank u for making this. Illidan Looks boss btw
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just wow
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NikiyatoHobbyist Digital Artist
wow..,i always wanted to find who did this..,and there you are..,you really did this..epic
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TMarchevProfessional Artist
That is the game :)
xblacklightz's avatar
Dude tell me you still play. Goodness I only thing me an my brother haven't done in the game is destroy someone fountain. Everyone keeps leaving before we can do it and one time we brought it to half hp but the game ended. That's the only thing left to do in that game for me and my bro (after that we're retiring; unofficially as long as me an my bro played on our computers we never lost a 2vs2 game).
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darkelfe04Student Writer
WOW! I really love the Demon Hunter's facial expression x) He looks pissed :P
But all I can say is... WOW :O
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hotartfanHobbyist Traditional Artist
second best game in the world
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ladyasharaHobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous work on this, I like the close-up style of the portraits. My favourite one is the woman. I'm astonished it only took you 1.5 hours for each one, they are so cleanly drawn with sure lines, like perfect sculptures.
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ya same as michaeldaks! 'Wow it was you!" that was one of the best load screens ever. nice job
michaeldaks's avatar
wow your the one who made this? nice
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