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DOTA Loading Screen Wallpaper

Finally this image has made its way to the loadscreen of DOTA version 6.36, with some added colours and tweaks suggested by IceFrog. You can see the previous version here > [link]

In order to make the colour version of this image work, I couldn't simply overlay it with flat shades of colours, otherwise it would end up looking like colourised grayscale image, which would be boring. Instead, I've added quite a bit of subtle colour shifts and altered the values in many areas to make it visually pleasant and balanced. Therefore for those who love playing DOTA, hopefully you will enjoy this new loading screen. :)

Colours added in Photoshop, 1.5 hrs.
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this image reminds me of the old days,my first time play dota.its

been ten years.

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Son iguales a los personajes del warcraft
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Aren't they Illidan, Jaina, an Eredar and a Troll, Vol'jin maybe?
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damn this is so nostalgic this is the first loading screen that iv'e seen on my very first dota game 9years ago it's been 4years now since i moved into dota2 seeing this artwork of mr. stan makes me want to play dota 1 again :)
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This is a very memorable artwork for me as a part of my childhood.
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today I learned you were the artist for this. Wow. Your artwork has evolved so much since this, and this was beyond awesome...
This one is legendary! Brings back memories... thanks artgerm for all of your amazing artworks <3
Btw, are they paying you decently for your dota2 artworks for sale at the steam store? I hope they are! You deserve it! Gotta buy them :3
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which characters are these ?
Left to Right:
Anti-Mage, Crystal Maiden, Doom, Shadow Shaman
OutPick's avatar
No, the first one is Anti-Mage's brother, Terror Blade
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please make a Dota 2 version of this .. Pleeaasseee!
jrdl30's avatar
So you do try make a DoTA 2 version hahaha.
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Could you do a Dota 2 version of these characters in this exact same style for the awe and nostalgia?
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Amazing I just want to cry in the corner cuz diz loading was okay childhood shit...sorry
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My favorite dota loading screen,3Q>_<
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Hi hi. Just paying tribute to this awesome memory of my gaming youth.

It's amazing how a still image could set the tone for a game like this one did~

It's funny how this loadscreen is still fresh in my mind, so many years later. Great job, man!
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(( Legendary artwork!!! I grew up into my teen with this epic artwork!!! ))
7 years after, still the best dota loading screen ever:)
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you are the one who DREW this??? this MASTER PIECE??? OMG... YOU ARE AWESOME..... I played dota for like YEARS...
McFLyerZz93's avatar
YOU'VE DONE THIS??? i played DOTA 5 years ago and wonder who could that do such beautiful art during the loading screen...
i almost cry when i saw this...finally, i've found it..thank u!!!
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the best DotA wallpaper ever created
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