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March 19, 2011
Courage of Samurai by `Artgerm =AdigunPolack eloquently explains, "In a time of great help and continuing support to Japan in the aftermath of the disasters, nothing captures the sheer heart and such deep, intimate sacredness of the land itself quite spectacularly than "Courage of Samurai" by `Artgerm. The choice to use black-and-white tones in the making of all the details (including the crashing waves of the sea, the skies, body tones, hair, sword, and the land as well) while adding a subtle touch of red on the samurai's chest to represent this great nation are all just phenomenal, and the character's pose, anatomy, and execution are simply beyond fantastic!! And on top, the art description *really* says it all rather brilliantly, too, to make this picture such an absolute crowning triumph... congratulations to the artist for having the willing, fiery courage in representing the mighty and ever-sacred spirit of this entire nation of Japan and its people with this most incredible piece of work that hits home a spectacularly encouraging message of hope for us all and our loved ones there indeed!!!
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Courage of Samurai

My prayer goes to the people of Japan. May all of you embrace the courage of samurai and go through this difficult time with victory. God bless you with Peace, Love and Hope.
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Words can not describe how amazing this picture is. It really says a lot on just a drawing and the description gives it an even deeper mean and stronger effect. Fantastic really appreciate the effort but in this. Not seen anything like it. So powerful yet so beautiful. Argh I wish I was better with words :/
PhillipeKhrys's avatar
OMG!! This is perfect brother!! Amen!!!
kawaiiloverfan's avatar
Amen and most beautiful artwork, I love samurais
Nekroseth's avatar
Its hard to belieave it was digital, feels really graphite, how did you get a brush like that? Or it was more then one kind? At any rate its totally blowing me bad its not in wide format, might be my favorite wallpaper.
sign-stick's avatar
someone use your illustration.
you know this??
Fonderia's avatar
This piece is wonderful.
BrunoTito's avatar
I just found out I was your fan and did not know!!! Most of your work I have already copied in my reference library!!! It's a pleasure to meet you an your work!!! Never stop!!!
blaverock's avatar
Awesome composition! Love your values and your brush work especially!! Seriously sick! If you like samurai, check out my comic book project:
juan805marquez's avatar
I would love to use this as a company back drop any way I can get back to me this is just so nice
UlthraneTheBlack's avatar
I would LOVE to have this as a Wall Scroll
Alex92806's avatar
Is this available as a print for purchase?
Hi, Can I use this picture?
TvorecART's avatar
AWESOME! I love it!
Lorelei0weiler's avatar
THIS ... is just ... AMASING !!! I love it so much!!!! 

I love you style, i'm a big fan!

Greetings from Belgium <3
League of Legends is everywhere :3
love this one! 
Oliver-Kriel's avatar
Brilliant in every way!
ViroLaruga's avatar
Mindblow! I fucking love this image!!! 
juniorcabala's avatar
Good Good work, great for you Artgern, make more images like this. Soon i will share a wallpaper maded whit this image. Thankyou bery much...
Janoka88's avatar
yeah it's Musashi i guess. Amazing draw!!

dizzandesigns's avatar
Wlayko111's avatar
Miyamoto Musashi?
DaiSanVisART's avatar
i love it :D u inspire me
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