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Chunli SFV Battle Costume

Loving the alternative Chunli Costume on SFV so here is my take on it. Posters will be available for sale at later date on my online shop

Livestream video on my Youtube channel:…
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very awesome and sexy
JungleBoy18's avatar
Yes! Way to go Street Fighter girl .
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OMG she is beautiful
shiyiyu's avatar
YO SHAKE DAT BOOTY FOR ME yassssssssssss bich yassssss nice fucking job
warmachine1's avatar
Love all of Artgerm's work
Surdy78's avatar
Nice outfit :D
MasterRizzle's avatar
That's the sexiest communist I have ever seen
TheSwedishElf's avatar
Nice outdated stereotyping.
MasterRizzle's avatar
Thanks bro, we can't let them take over!
TheSwedishElf's avatar
...Please tell me you're not actually that stupid.
MasterRizzle's avatar
I'll let you figure that out.
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I didn't serve 50 years in 'nam just to have some punk tell me that capitalism isn't worth fighting for.
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i k r same here brother i served in China for 11 motherfucking years and that shit is sooo terrible, i still have ptsd of how upper suppress the lower even tho on the fucking outside everyone be like "freedom" "equality" but you k that there were never any fucking freedom nor equality.. bro i felt u
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You are my favorite
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Excellent work
ObsessedGamerGal86's avatar
Chun li was the very first character I picked when I first played Street Fighter
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I usually don't think Chun Li is sexy, especially the way they do her hair.

But your spin on her did change my mind, This Chun Li is a totally SMOKIN' babe!!!
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Saw your tutorial. It helped me a lot. Thank you for sharing your secrets with us :D
Aeodin's avatar
There needs to be some semen on her body-- I mean, that's where you were going with this, right?
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