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Captain America Statue Art

Recently I've collaborated with XM studios to design a set of Avengers premium statues in 1/4 scale. This is the art print that goes with it for each character. If you collect statues you should really check them out here:
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Art Print for Purchase? Or at least High Res Image File?
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Then they realized that its too close to 11th September and removed the Flag like in Metal Gear Solid 2
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damn man, this print's amazing... what's the technique?
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Your artwork is epic my friend! Cap is my favorite Marvel Hero tied with Spiderman! I have always wanted to see a crossover of Captain America, meeting and shaking hands with 1st Class SOLDIER Zack Fair, my favorite Final Fantasy Hero.
Zack Fair is from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. Zack is infused with Mako energy (similar to Super Soldier Serum) and also boosted by the Jenova S-Cells. He is a Hero who believes in Honor just like Steve Rogers, the first Super Soldier and first Avenger! As they shake hands Zack's Buster Sword and Cap's Vibranium shield could be leaning against each other in the middle. Symbols of Heroism, Hope, Justice, Dreams, and Honor! 

This could be known as the meeting of the Two Super Soldiers, Two True Heroes, Two Legendary Legacies, or Two Living Legends! 
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HOLD UP!!!! nice cap 
I love the female super heroes that you create, but this image shows that you should do more male heroes. Wow. You really got to the heart of what makes Cap, well, a hero.
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Nice art! Woohooooo! Amazing!
Hi Artgerm, great captain America work! I was wondering if I could use this art for a custom shirt. It's for my 7 year old son. Please and thank you.
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He's definitely American. ^-^
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Great, i like your style :)
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Amazing and I love his pose! :iconamgtouchplz:
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oh, i love these muscles!! great work! More Captain!! more Chris Evans! may be nude!
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You have an awesome art-style, i'm actually quite jealous :P lol
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I Have No Words For How Extremely Astounding This Is!! XD XD XD XD XD XD 
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Oh my gosh! *mind blown*
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AWESOME! I love the pose, details, lighting, shading, expression and colouring.
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Amazing work of art 
Holy shit this is good.
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have an awesome weekend!…
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