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Batgirl Justice Magazine

The new Batgirl with her 2014 outfit graces the cover of Justice Magazine. :)

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Love how you capture the character's style in your art
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i saw a real life bat girl at a Halloween party once ... lets just say she was not as pretty as this 
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She looks spectacular! Nice work!
I didn't like the new Batgirl outfit until I saw this. Thank you for making it look beautiful!
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Possible to see a version without the magazine lettering?
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nicely looking suit!
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Whoa... This caught me off guard.
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This is awesome! Saw this on Facebook :)
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Wow, HAWKGIRL on the next cover please!!!Love 
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I like this look, it's a step back to the classics. I'm not a fan of all the armored modernisations.

Speaking from a practical view though, it doesn't make a lot of sense to go from Kevlar to this.

Love it all the same though. Great painting:D
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I'm kind of torn about Batgirl's new costume. For one thing it's an attempt at making an outfit that looks more practical while (ironically) being less functional than her previous spandex-with-kevlar-plating outfit, specifically because it contains a leather jacket. Leather jackets--in my experience, having worn one frequently--have a way of restricting arm movement to a point where, while practical for everyday movement and motorcycle riding, impedes the wearer in any situation where the arms need to be held up; the rest of the jacket gets pulled up along with the arms, which is especially difficult if the jacket isn't open. Considering Batgirl frequently needs to climb around, perform acrobatic maneuvers, and grapple vertically upward, this functional disadvantage is something I can't shut my brain off to. I'm unaware of any variety of leather that wouldn't have this problem, and from what I understand, Barbara's new costume is assembled from  items found at vintage shops.

On the other hand, aesthetically, giving Barbara a less high-tech and more "street vigilante" look is fitting for the character, and meets a nice middle ground between traditional spandex costume looks and a more modern, clothing-style-oriented look that ultimately makes her appear more credible as both a female superheroine (because that was undoubtedly the chief concern with the design change) and as a serious vigilante-type hero in general, while visually distancing her from Batman. I just wish they'd adjust/elaborate on that jacket in some way that makes it more believable for Barbara to do the kinds of things Batgirl has to do to be Batgirl.
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Batman's armour weighs 1000lbs and he does just fine
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I think you're mixing up your canon, there. Batman's comic designs don't have much armor to them, although both he and Batgirl received a more-modern-looking costume redesign when New 52 hit.
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I mean the movies/games
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