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Ann Takamaki Persona 5

By Artgerm
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I love her character design. :)
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Artgerm's a veteran at drawing sexiest and cutest women ( also most definitely beautiful 😊)
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PlagueDahktorHobbyist Digital Artist
Youre so gorgeous Panther! Mona said it best!
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This looks awesome!
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kazamiiiHobbyist Digital Artist
im crying you drew her amazingly :'D
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I knew that Ann would look so beautiful in Artgerm's style! So perfect!!!
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GyaaradosStudent Digital Artist
I am in love with your artwork, so I am just over the moon that you did the P5 girls! Awesome Ann!
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xemuzProfessional Interface Designer
effin perfection in this illustration, wow
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Mmm, mmmm!  Love the Panther!  Nice job!
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DerangedGodHobbyist Digital Artist
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very awesome!!
great picture!!
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Rebelle-ArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think the eyes are a little too blue, to where they're almost creepy (unless that was the intention).  Aside from that, amazing work.  Ann is best waifu <3
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I think it resembles Ann's eyes a lot! The color was on point in my opinion. And yes, Ann was my waifu too :) Go Ann!!!
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Rebelle-ArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think it might've been the purple. It makes her eyes look a lot more vibrant than they are. It's actually a cool effect, just threw me off a little
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MartsuiaHobbyist Digital Artist
i cant believe someone is complaining about that
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Rebelle-ArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
Not so much complaining as it is making a statement.  Kind of like constructive criticism.  I'd want someone to make suggestions about my work, no matter how small.  If they don't want it, they don't have to concern themselves with my comment.  Likewise, if you believe it's not noteworthy, then you don't need to concern yourself with my comment either.
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CCRENDERSHobbyist Digital Artist
So beautiful! WOW!
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Rose-Monster12Student General Artist
Literally the first time I saw Ann's character design I was like,
"Junko? Is that you?"
All Joking aside, Awesome work!
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Perfect very good
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Whip it good.
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Candy-MeowHobbyist General Artist
aaa so cool! I love the pose <33
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marmo98Hobbyist Digital Artist
GENIAL x 1000
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WickedPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
I ran off and read up on the character and the game series. Apparently character designs were inspired by various iconic characters. I'd assume hers was Catwoman. I love your take on her. :)
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