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Action Comics 1000

By Artgerm
This is my store variant cover for Action Comics #1000 featuring the krypton cousins. 
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© 2018 - 2021 Artgerm
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amazing, this is my favorite artwork this day so far Superman 
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From Fatal Strategies by Jean Baudrillard: "How do our allegedly rational and programmed societies function? What moves the populations, what gets them going? Scientific progress, objective information, insight into the facts and causes, the punishment of those truly guilty or the growth of collective happiness? Absolutely not, nobody cares about that. What fascinates everyone is the debauchery of appearances, that reality is always and everywhere debauched by appearances. That's an interesting game, and it's played out in the media, in fashion, in advertizing - more generally in the spectacle of technology, of science, of politics; in any spectacle whatsoever. The veritable contemporary social bond is the concerted partaking in seduction. If the revolution wants to occur then it must first seduce us, and it can only do so with the signs. But while a revolution might alter the course of history, only its sight is truly sublime. And what do we choose? 'The people didn't really desire a revolution, they desired only its view,' said Rivarol. The spectaclist drive is stronger than the self-preservation instinct, you can count on that."
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What are you typing boy and whom are you talking to?

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The edges of the rectus abdominis muscle shouldn't be so sharp. No one's abs would look like that in a skin-tight suit even if they had 0% bodyfat.
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More than a favourite!!!
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I couldn't find those at my store! DX
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My fantasy came to life. Thanks Artie job well done
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Too bad my comic store couldn't get a hold of this one. It's awesome looking.
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Happy late birthday to Superman. :3
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I just want supergirl....XD
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She is a Goddess~:heart:
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OMG you drew a man!!!!
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How do I get a copy?
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Your designs are always the best, Art. This drawing is great. Greetings.
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