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I am getting rid of unsold characters or characters i have seemed to have no luck getting rid of!
They will be cheap and with some i wont be as picky!
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These are all the characters i have gotten that i literally dont draw at all!

I am HIGHLY interested in...
  • Gemsona characters
  • BNHA Characters

What i will be picky about...
  • Characters that arent human [humanoids that arent furries are okay!]
  • Art  [ I barely have any characters!]
Name: Zaraphis 
Phisonyx #: #1
Owner: Artfullypretty
Character: The first phisoynx to show divine traits other then Themis.
She is incredibly lively and loves to eat berries!


Mate ♥:
Offspring ♥:

Friend(s) ♥: