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Takashi Ryo

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Published: September 29, 2017
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This is my Oc Takashi -w-' annnd hes a villain and i love him- Kakegurui Icon 
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  Name: Takashi Ryo (江詩 遼)


  kanji Takashi stands for "praiseworthy" or "elevated"
Ryo contains the kanji "distant"

Stage name/Villain name: Shi (死) the kanji for "Death" or "Blood"

Date Of Birth: October 13th | Lirba

Gender: Male (He/Him)


Hero or Villain?: Villain.

Quirk: Asphyxiating Gas

Age: 15


Eye Color: Green, slit pupil
Hair color: Brown, dyed crimson
Height: 5'8 ft (172.72 cm)
Blood type: O-
Build: Takashi is relatively built for his age but he doesnt like engaging in hand to hand combat, which is why he isnt super muscle-ly.


Takashi was born into an abusive family, he was the 5th child and was often forgotten by his father. His mother left the family because of stress and constantly being verbally and physically abused by her husband, which is Kakashi's father. Takashi never liked his father or his view on the world and how things should work. His dad always told him he'd made a great hero with such a powerful and praiseworthy quirk. Takashi hated his father and rebelled, running away from home to become a solo villain.

Takashi is the youngest of two boys and two girls (so 3 guys and 2 girls -w-) he always hated being the youngest and would often be left out of certain activities with his siblings. He was the black sheep of the family and often struggled to remain eye contact when speaking to authorities and was constantly hit and scolded from his father because he 'cant man up and look him in the eyes'

Although he is a very powerful villain, not all fall victim to his quirk, villains and heroes stumble upon him and sometimes remain unharmed while other petty villains or amateur heroes try and become the next 'big thing' and defeat him. No one escapes alive.
The only thing that Takashi wished for was happy, well put together family instead of a broken and shattered family in which most in the home where abused on a daily basis.

His sister, which I have yet to name -w-', is second youngest and has the unique quirk his father originally wanted. Once she manifested her quirk she was the 'god child' and was constantly praised and talked to like a queen which made him very upset "What makes her so special? We are all family.." "I wish I had her quirk. Then dad would love me too.


Likes: Knives, katanas, candy, masks, fireworks, bracelets, piercings, insects, sleep

Dislikes: Annoying sounds, prideful people, abusive people/parents, babies... they cry to much.

Takashi is rather calm for a villain, he actually has a heart and isn't some stone cold killer in the streets. Tries to not engage in unnecessary fights, someone might be acting out of fear so he shouldn't just kill them because of that.
Although he is very merciful if someone dares to touch him he will suffocate them without hesitation, but slowly.

Quirk Details

The quirk Asphyxiating Gas means exactly what it reads, its a gas that causes the lungs to close and the person to slowly suffocate and die.
It can be used on animals, humans, and plants if it breathes it will most likely die.
This quirk does not affect the user in any way.
It is let out from pores in his neck, which are microscopic.
He needs to wear a special neck mask to make his quirk fully effective.
The gas can reach up to 20 ft before going away.
When activated his eyes will glow grey

Quirk type: Emitter 

Slow or fast deaths depending on how much gas is released
Clears fast
Its blue ;') 
Can make it hard to see
Cannot affect the user
Can easily kill up to 60 people

Can cause the user to have coughing fits
Not as powerful without a special mask
Ranged quirk, not good for combat
Goes everywhere and spreads like wildfire, it's hard trying to not kill everything
Using the quirk for too long causes him to lose his voice
Cannot affect someone if they are wearing a gas mask

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he looks fabulous!
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AA!! ty <3 My Hero Academia Icon 
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your very welcome~