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Bubble Tea

I LOVE BUBBLE TEAS!!! They're so much fun to drink. My fav is honeydew with the bobas (tapioca pearls) and green apple jellies. Mmmm yummy! If you don't know what they are - [link] -

Art © SilivrenStar, Jessica Tanner
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Buuubble tea ^_^ oh yes I love the bobas soooo much *_* I love this!
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All the girls you draw are really cute.
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Very beautiful, clean piece! (I should probably take note, lol)
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Awesome drawing *-* BTW are you spying me?justjokind :P LOL that girl looks like me xDDD
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im drinking honeydew bubble tea right now :D
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رسمه حلوووه كثير
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I'm sorry :blushes: I don't understand :(

لا أفهم
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Oh I'm sorry, I did not know you are not an Arab, and I told you your drawing is very beautiful. Thank you honey.> I do not know much English and the interpreter translated my words hehehehe
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Thank you very much :heart:
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cute. and yummy :D
I just love ur art! its just beautifoul... I just cant get enough of it! xD u have talent :P
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Like I said on your Bella Swan picture, Love it!!
My favorite bubble tea is Mango with Pearls or Chocolate-Coffee mix with pearls. ♥
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Beautiful work ^_^ I love bubble tea! My favourites are Watermelon with milk and pearls, as well as Chocolate Mint with milk and pearls.
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Ohh!! Chocolate mint!! That sounds good :) I'll have to try that next
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Where do you get your bubble tea? I have been searching for months at all different kinds of stores and I can't find them D:
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I get mine at places that specifically sell them. Their called Fusion Bubble Teas and Braganza but I've been to other different ones.
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I've never though that coloured pencils can make a picture a masterpiece! I love it! All colours work very well together and the hair looks really realistic. May I ask how did you make the background?
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Thanks! Oh I forgot to put that on there. I colored the background a solid color and added textures in photoshop from a paper I have.
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beautiful and the colouring is fantastic :wow:
I love your style.
By the way...i was wondering what paper you use? Is there any particular type because the drawing book i have, the paper is useless as it shows white gaps in the colouring and no matter how many times i go over them, the colour doesn't show. Your drawings have no white gaps in them and they all look so perfect :)

Also, i hope you don't mind a watch :aww:
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