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This was originally a piece that I finished around October of 2018 and recently revisited to see if it still held up in terms of visual fidelity. As it obviously turns out, I realized that I was so focused on rendering that I missed the mark on several other elements of the image, resulting in it falling "flat." The gist of the concept was to mix some Lovecraftian-esque horror with futuristic cyberpunk, so I revised the image to really demonstrate that concept more prominently. Hopefully I did my past-self justice by drawing all over his piece again ::
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My team is creating an Neon Noir Blade Runneresque Adults Only Cyberpunk Action RPG for PC. It’s not a porn game but has adult situations uncensored. We’re early in production but looking for an artist to conceptualize an idea with our Creative Director and then finalize one piece of cover art for us. We’re a very small indie team creating this project in our free time for the love of Cyberpunk and Censorship Free Gaming, but we do have a small Patreon and would love to discuss how much you generally charge for a piece like this.
If it’s something we can afford and you have the time to commit, feel free to check out our first DEV VLOG and you can Email me a quote at
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Looks absolutely fantabulous! Love love love love!
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You did it justice alright! Love the awesome futuristic feel and the gorgeous details.

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Your work really inspired me . Thank you !
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I'm glad I could do that for you! Thank you just the same ^^

Epic and Awesome
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Oooh! Most impressive. I do dig the details and lights in the background. The angle this is drawn on is also cool. :nod:

I'm a sucker for tilt-shots. :D
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That perspective grid really paid off, heheh :P Thank you! ^^

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Its awe inspiring 
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omg this is truly the most amazing thing i ever seen !! i loveee it !! 
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amazing atmosphere! :O
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this here is my life goal.

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Too bad it's not a video game. This is epic
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That's a very wonderful piece of art!
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Fascinating beautiful. Splendid!! :D
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this absolutely whips ass, it's amazing.
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