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Fushigi Yuugi: Good and evil

My partner and me in the post-wcs shooting with our Miaka/Mirror-Miaka costumes from Fushigi Yuugi.

Miaka: :iconk-wai:
Mirror-Miaka: :iconartflower:
Picture: :iconcalssara:

View my progress on facebook: [link]
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So cute!!! awesome cosplay ! ^^
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Tolle Cosplays!
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wow, those are cool looking. great job!
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Very retro-themed, high niver artistic cosplay, great hair, some nice legs, resulting in access to the Olympus of the heroines of cosplay. Magnifien artistic job.
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lol thanks a lot ;D
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These costumes are so amazing~ And I really love the small different details you girls made like makeup etc. And the skit was really good~When you hit your hand through that painting and "licked" the blood I was just like: ".... Oh my... Did she just... fuuu How awesome!" You girls did such a good job~
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Thanks a lot! It means so much to me if people say they liked our skit! We had so much trouble beforehand and had to change our plans twice so there was hardly a month left for preperation, so I'm glad we still managed to entertain people >.<
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You girls made this in a month..? Wow you are so awesome! I think you did such a great job when you had so little time for the preperation!
It was truly a good skit and the costumes looked so amazing~
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Yes, sadly the main element of the skit we had intended to do was done in the finals....then we switched to Soul Calibur, only to get the information that two other teams were doing it (and in the end, none of them showed up! narf!), so this stole a lot time ;D

I loved your preliminary skit <3. I must admit, a little more than the one in the finals (your costumes were amazing! Holic! <3), because of that supercute ending! The whole thing was entertaining, and in the end with this little additional piece I couldn't stop laughing ;D
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Aw damn it :/ And arg how frustrating with the Soul Calibur thing! xD I would have gone nuts if it were me xD

Nawh~ Thank you so much~ <3 Well to be honest I also like the prem skit more, but that's because we got such a different energy back then and it was so difficult to feel the right performance spirit because there was so much daylight >__<
But I'm so glad you like the Granado skit :D I can tell you we had a lot of fun practising it xD
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In the end I'm glad we were forced to do the skit we did. It had the most impact of all.

I feel that a lot of teams do a little better in the preliminaries, maybe because the pressure for the finals is so high...and they split themselves between doing what THEY want, and what will be good for japanese audience, which often results in something that is not...a hole thing.
I even felt very torn apart for my Eurocosplay costumechoice, because everyone is doing something that looks biiiiiig, so I chose something biiiig and felt...not ok with it. So in the end now I'm doing something that I absolutely love even though it doesn't look all too big at first glance (it's an asshole though, I never expected that -.-)
I can imagine that this situation is more extreme with WCS.

Ahaha I think so! Who cleaned up your room? ;DD It was already a shitload of work to reattatch that damn picture frame everytime after rehearsing, but what you did must be insane work each time ;D

I'm a little jaleous you may do non-japanese stuff in your prelims >.< and use all that great stuff that messes up the stage >.<

Btw I already got great feedback on improvement from Samie, I'm really thankful for that!
YoshuSheep's avatar
I understand you very well :)

That's right, it is really difficult to find something that you also really like yourself, we mostly focused on that we wanted to have fun on stage, being goofy as Maru and Moro - because that's what they are and we love their personality so much xD
I really know what you mean about the Eurocosplay thing, I've also been looking at all the huge costume and I would rather go with a bit more simple cosplay that I know I love because it really shines through if you are not comfortable in your costume and I think it is better to show how much you actually like this costume/character :D

We actually did ourselves xD We only practised the fan thing twice and it was hell to clean up and we were not that popular by the staffmembers ^^""" But we had told them we had a trick that would cause some messing up xD
Well I don't think we are allowed to do that anymore actually o: think it was changed last year, but not sure o:

Oh that's great! And I'm glad she could give you some good feedback~
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They are really cute! But about everything dealing with holic is big love with me <3 Yesterday I rewatched Team USA 2011 and it gave me goosepumps again *sigh*

Mess: I remember last year someone used a confetti canon even though the rules already stated that no mess was allowed...they got disqualified >.<
Yeah, always ask beforehand, this year they were ok with the smashing bottle of the Adekan skit because it wasn't much and least that's what I think....I wondered about that, I couldn't watch the skit because we were already backstage. Missie (the helper backstage) was still mopping up stuff and ranting under her breath, it was kind of funny ;D

We're already thinking about a skit for next year, but it's really hard! In our first year we decided for characters first and then thought of a skit, which properbly wasn't a good idea. Last year we came up with the idea first that was definately the better way, so we're keeping on like this. However, it's a little frustrating that our skits in general are good, but always the last little something is missing (not only to the judges, but also to me).
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Stunning costumes!
Very lovely :)
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you both look great! i love seeing fushigi yuuhi cosplayers!
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Ihr zwei seid... SO SEXY =D
Und Das Video von eurem Auftritt hab ich jetzt auch mal geschaut. Echt toll. Aber hey! Du bist mir noch ne erklärung schluldig wie jetzt eure Bewerbung war X3
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Wie's aussieht wird das WCS zwei-drei Seiten daraus veröffentlichen ;D
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