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a my little pony and destiny cross over x3 

Hunter Dash
Titan Jack
Titan Pie
Hunter Shy
and the Pet Ghosts!!

hope you all enjoy this!
P.S Destiny is awesome!
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If Luna is the Traveler, than that would make Nightmare Moon the Darkness.

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Earth ponies = Titans
Pegasus = Hunters
Unicorns = Warlocks
I think it would be funny if Fluttershy ponders on whether she was meant to be a Titan Sentinel/Defender, and Pinkie Pie wondering if she should have been a Hunter.

Just some food for thought.
They all look very awesome.

We're you planning on making masks for each of them?
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Okay.. That's cool.
I also love that you eluded each class being related to the Pony races, based on their designs.
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i have idea for sunset shimmer
What is the idea?
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For shimmer, I have her as a hunter
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Wonder if their presence will alter events from canon.
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I see no Spike Titan
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Well i did the mane 6 as two of each class xP
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-The Vanguard Hall, The Tower-

*Twilight goes into the Hall to confront Vangurd Hunter Soarin, Vanguard Warlock Moondancer, and Titan Breaburn*

Soarin: *notices her first* Hey, hey. It's the King Sombra Slayer herself.

Moondancer: What do you need, Twilight?

Twilight: I need clearance dor me and my team to go into the Plaguelands.

Braeburn: May I ask why you would go to that extreme dead zone?

Twilight: I have to save my brother, Iron Lord Shining Armor.

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*Vanguard Titan Braeburn
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Shining Armor as Iron Lord Saladin


*On a snowy Tundra plain, Iron Lord Shining Armor, accompanied by three wolves, walk towards a wall with a massive gap, he set up a bon fire*

Shining Armor: *inner voice* We thought we were indistructble, the Lords of Iron. We swore we would do anything to protect the Last City.

*the wolves began to bark and howl, they sense something coming from the dark gap*

Shining Armor: Some of us paid the ultimate price. all that remains.

*infected, possessed, cybernetic Griffins emerge from the darkness of the gap*

Shining Armor: We had thought we had sealed away the Plague for eternity. But now, it has returned.... And this time, with a Griffin army. *he puts on his helmet* It is time to avenge my brothers and sisters. *he draws out the Axe of Sol from the bon fire* Stand with me, Guardian. Prove yourself worthy and the Iron Lords will rise again!!! *he and his wolf pack charge at the on coming hoard*

-meanwhile at the Tower-

Twilight: *meditating, suddenly opens her eyes* Brother....

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Cool. I say you should try making other characters from the show become guardians. And tell me you can see Shining Armor as Lord Saladin?
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I hope you can work more on this crossover. Keep up the good work.
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Maybe sometime in the future xP
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