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"fandom not fetish"

randomly check Twitter, almost immediately see fursuit in bondage gear with a "seductive" (read: attempting to be seductive) caption about "teaching readers a lesson"

"fandom not fetish"

see a new furry on YouTube, subscribe, check their Twitter, non-stop paw and stomping fetish artwork and photography

"fandom not fetish"

TF fetish artwork on the DA homepage as i'm writing this

"fandom not fetish"

go to the FurAffinity homepage at literally any point in time WITH SAFE MODE ON and see tons of "not technically explicit" fat / vore / questionable / etc images
"fandom not fetish"

obviously i'm not saying the furry community is all about obscure fetishes. even the most ignorant, anti-furry YouTube trolls know that there are people who genuinely treat this as a harmless geek-culture hobby, just like comic books or video games. but can we please, please stop playing this game of "we're normal people, it's just a small minority of weirdos!" and "we are physically incapable of shutting up about murrsuits and yiff and bondage whenever we're not commenting on a viral post somewhere"? no, this may not apply to you, the reader as an individual, you may not be involved in this. but it's clear as day that this isn't a "small minority". you can't say that "it's a minority" one minute, and then the next minute, have how many artists making a living solely off of furry porn off their Patreon pages. this doesn't work for the brony community, and it doesn't work for furries either. i'm not saying these furries are necessarily "lying", either, just................ living in denial. badly. and ignoring this isn't going to make it go away.

as usual, i don't expect this to actually do anything, i'm just a whiny prick and i like to complain about things.


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i'm a person. 24 years old. i like MLP, and i'm pretty strongly connected to furries, but for various reasons, i don't think it'd be totally right to call myself a "brony" or a "furry" -- in fact, i try to distance myself from those terms. anyway, i'm capable of being both silly and serious. i could be described as "counter-culture", but not to the point that i openly wince at anything that's popular JUST because it's popular. i feel like i sometimes come across as less "friendly" or "open" than i want to be, but i don't know. please note that i'm a person. just because i'm Christian doesn't mean my actions will always perfectly reflect the teachings of God, nor does it mean that my personality will always reflect any stereotypes you may have heard about [males, Christians, etc]. i can appreciate sick humor and the like, but at the end of the day, truth and purity are what i ultimately seek.

"We're a long way from Equestria…
We're a long, long way…
A long, long way………"

Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.

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random words: Русский, Serbian, Nederlands, Francais, Norwegian, Japanese, Latin, Čeština

"Suffering exists that we might learn from it, so that one day we might not have it anymore."
- personal quote from when there was a "personal quote" section here


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