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Corrupt Moonlight Chapter one
Dragonball Z/Kai fan fiction.
Pairing- TurlesXOC
Title- Corrupt Moonlight
Rating- Teen
"Planet Corona. The probe says that it's the best planet in this system and the next. Prime candidate for the seed."
"Yes, Amond. I'm aware of that." Turles leaned forward and looked over the data. "Rich soil, good water...the plant life is flourishing just about everywhere..."
"So the question now is, when do we go?"
"As soon as possible, of course. I don't see the readings on power levels here, did we not get any of those done?"
"Oh, we did. Sorry, the last page must've--anyway," Daiz said, "There's a few strong ones, but nothing of particular need to worry about. The strongest power level is decent, but not a threat to any of us in the slightest."
"Well that's certainly some good news. Just enough to provide us with a good challenge, but not to be a threat," Lakasei added.
"Right, then." Turles stood, looking over the map. "We're going to planet Corona, then."
And the closer they got to
:iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 5 3
Persona 4 OC Profile: Rika Azura

Persona 4 character profile:
Full name - Rika Azura
First name- Rika (泉): meaning Valued Fragrance
Surname- Azura: Meaning Sky-Blue 
Age- 18 years old
Year of birth- 1993 April
Star sign- Aries
Nationality- European/Japanese
Status- Third year High school student, part time worker at June's store.
Hair- Black
Eyes- chartreuse green
Skin- Light Porcelain 
Height- 5 foot 6 (168cm)
Weight- 120lbls
Body type-  Curvaceous/Slim
Accessories- Rika often wears a black choker with a moon shaped pendant, two individual hair clips on either side of her head with one resembling a star. As well as two silver stud ear piercings on either side, and a studded belt hanging loosely around her waist. She also slightly modified her school uniform skirt giving it a white trimming at the bottom, and wears black and purple heel less goth boots.
Persona info: 
Arcana/Social link- Artemis, in Greece origin meaning goddess of the moon.
:iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 6 4
Jeter age 11 :) by ArtemisArcana Jeter age 11 :) :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 6 3 Demon God Demigra GOD Mission 7 by ArtemisArcana Demon God Demigra GOD Mission 7 :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 3 0
Dragon ball Xenoverse oc Yuki
Name meaning-snow
Race- Frieza Clan, Frost Demon.
Age- Unknown
Height- 5 foot 4 inches (163cm)
Weight-150lbs (Due to Bio armour)
Bio armour- Ultimate F Suit
Bio armour colour-Pale Blue
Crystal colours-Royal Blue
Skin- Dark red, with black markings on each side of his face.
Personality/Background - Yuki is a very calm and collected individual. He speaks his mind not thinking to spare others feelings, preferring solitude away from large groups of people. Yuki has grown accustomed to others distrusting him, due to Freiza's negative influence of their entire race. Making it one of his top priorities to redeem the frost demons bad name.
Yuki was raised to be the ultimate fighting weapon. His father trained him to become the warrior he is now, wanting him to become as strong as emperor Frieza. He was taught that only the strong survive in this world, and the weak perish.At some point in his life Yuki got tired of his fathers controlling lifestyle, deci
:iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 5 3
Dragonball Xenoverse character
Name-Tukiko Rei
Name meaning- Tukiko-Child of the moon, Rei- Spirit,bell,lovely,Zero.
Race: Half saiyan/Half human hybrid
Age- 25 years old (Looks around 17-20 due to saiyan genes).
Height-5 foot 1 inches (154cm)
Weight- 135lbls
Build- Slim curvy/muscular
Hair- Black
Eyes- Green
Skin tone-Light Porcelain
-Rei's tail was removed as a child, to prevent her from transforming into an Ozaru.
Personality- Rei is a young woman who can come across as a bit tomboyish at times. Due to her saiyan genes she enjoys fighting and sparring with powerful opponents. She doesn't take any pleasure in tormenting or killing her enemies, but realizes that peace has to be fought for in order to keep the world in balance. Also holding the belief that mercy isn't always a sign of weakness.
Rei is quite perceptive of the world, and people around her. Although friendly and polite to others she doesn't let her guard down very often. She shows a more playful side around her close friends, and family. Rei also has a
:iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 11 3
Homura Shield WIP by ArtemisArcana Homura Shield WIP :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 5 3
Demon God Demigra: The Laws of Time
Demon God Demigra Tribute <3
Imprisoned in the crack of time he waits
Hoping to rewrite the fates
Crimson Red eyes filled with hatred
Having spent 75 million years gated
Manipulating those through his mirage
Using his magic to  cause sabotage
Messing up the laws of time
By turning TokiToki into a Chyme
His magic has reached the realm of the gods
Now Increasing his odds
Those who will not bow will despair
Forever trapped in the demons snare
The demon god will make his own laws
Like a puppet master pulling the strings through his claws
As the new god of time and space
He will be sure to make others know their place
The timelines will be erased
And then replaced
Without a trace
Lost throughout time and space
Waiting in anticipation
The time patrol add to his frustration
The crack in time will soon shatter
History fragments will then scatter
Demon God Demigra won't stop
Until he comes out on top
The world will meet it's bitter end
Waiting for it's next hero to ascend
Destroying all
:iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 5 5
The Rift In Time:An enternal bond.
Violet eyes soaked with pain
A hole in time that won't sustain
Trying to prevent fate
Each time ending up far too late
She cannot save each and every life
They are doomed to the reapers scythe
The curse of the witches will never end
The law of cycles will not amend
The girl with the flowing hair must not give in
Her inner strength lies within
The time shield will only do so much
While messing up the threads with a single touch
Hope is not lost
Although there will always be a cost
Do not despair
Life is not always fair
Homura Akemi is guided by a light
Willing to protect it with all her might
Madoka Kaname's fate can be changed
Although it will not work out for her personal gain
She strives to save her best friend
Hoping to prevent her bitter end
Left with only a crimson ribbon
Madokami has made her decision
:iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 2 3
The Rabbit and The Cat by ArtemisArcana The Rabbit and The Cat :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 4 8 Anime Friends X3 by ArtemisArcana Anime Friends X3 :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 4 7 Her protector by ArtemisArcana Her protector :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 10 13
Beyblade OC Character Profile: Mizuki Usagi
Beyblade OC Information:
Name- Mizuki Usagi (Name meanings- Usagi means Rabbit and Mizuki means Beautiful Moon in Japanese.
Age- 15 (Metal Fusion), 16 (Metal Masters), 17-18 (Metal Fury)
Gender- Female
Race- Human
Date of Birth- April 4th
Birth Stone- Diamond
Star sign- Aries
Zodiac- Year of the Rabbit
Birth Country- Born in the United kingdom, but raised in Japan.
Ancestry- European, Japanese, Irish American.
Hair colour- Snow White
Hair Style- Medium Length with bangs, she also has two strands if hair above her head that resemble rabbit ears XD
Eye colour- Blue/violet
Height- ‘5 foot 1” (155cm)
Body Type- Curvy, slender.
Legendary Blader or not- Not a legendary blader, but not without skill either ;)
Beyblade- Moonlight Lepus
Bit Beast- Lepus, the rabbit star constellation. Often hunted by Orion and its dogs.
Her beyblade Moonlight Lepus X85 is a representation of the Chinese folk lore legend 'The Rabbit of the Moon". Legend dictates the shape of a rabbit was seen on the
:iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 8 1
Beyblade Metal Saga oc Mizuki Usagi by ArtemisArcana Beyblade Metal Saga oc Mizuki Usagi :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 16 10 Lynx Blader by ArtemisArcana Lynx Blader :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 15 13 Hawkseye XD by ArtemisArcana Hawkseye XD :iconartemisarcana:ArtemisArcana 2 0
Current Status :meow:
.: FREE Moon Icon :. by Soraoraoraora All Rights Reserved Banner Notice Thingy by merelei Free Bunny on the Moon Icon by xXScarletButterflyXx
Requests Closed Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato Art Trade Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato Commissions Closed Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato

Tohru Adachi Stamp by GemmilyArt Stamp_Adachi by Queen-Frost Tohru Adachi -Jester/Hunger- Stamp by Stuffs-for-me :thumb473432561: Persona 4 STAMP by Iwonn :thumb341855245: My OTP is Female ProgaonistX Tohru Adachi :heart:
Hello, it's been a while since I came online. The reason being for my lack of drawings is that I need a new laptop >w< once I get one hopefully I'll get back into my digital drawing mood again. I have ideas for updates, and changes on characters I've made through the years. 

Another reason being for my absence is health issues. I suffer from migraines, rhinitis, slight nasal deviation and currently have inflamed turbinates in my nose.  Surgery doesn't sound like the best option as your nose needs turbinates, and removing some of the tissue can cause more damage. Appointments take a long time to come through, but it's going in a positive direction so I'm hopeful. I have been to see a neurologist,  I'm also waiting on a brain and spine scan to rule things out completely. If all else fails after the MRI, a Daith piercing will be the next step. There has been evidence of working for some migraine sufferers, but everyone is different. Still it doesn't hurt to try a new approach when science doesn't give you the answers or the help you need.

On a lighter note I'm still doing part time work, and for the most part keeping positive :) Since last year I've been in a real final fantasy mood, and got into Dissidia nt. To the point where I made a Wishlist for future characters I'd like in the game. I realize some may be unlikely, or won't happen at all but id still like the game regardless.

Hopefully the last two characters for season one will be:
-FF10 Yuna Summoner Version (Hero) 
- FF13 Snow (Hero)

Leaks for season pass 2 could be: 
- Tifa, Zack, Gilgamesh, Laguna, Vivi, Gabranth, and prishe.

The Game started with 28 characters, there will be 34 by February 2019. The developers want to add 50 characters in total. They are trying to even out the hero and villain characters, and fight types.

- If season 2 is correct then it brings the total to 40 or 41 characters depending if they give us seven characters for the 2nd season pass. Leaving us room for 9 or 10 more for fan choices for the time being.

Mine would personally be these 10 for a wish list :3

1)- FF15 Ardyn Izunia (Representing the FF15 Villain). I don't think he will be a character in 2019. Perhaps after episode Ardyn we will see a different move set for him to put in Dissidia nt though so I could be wrong if season 2 leaks are incorrect.

2) -FF13 Ciaus Ballad (Villain) He could be best portrayed as Lightnings Rival. Personally he is my favourite final fantasy 13 villain. I feel he would be a great choice for Dissidia nt with his badass fighting style.

3) -FF13.2 Serah Farron (Hero) Lightnings Younger sister, she could be a fun addition with her switched fighting style. Vanille, and Fang could be candidates too but I personally feel Serah would be the best choice alongside Lightning, and Snow. She might not be everyone's choice but honestly I think she deserves more credit.

4) - FF10 Seymour Gaudo (Villain) I'm not alone in thinking Seymour is the best villain in final fantasy 10. Seymours move set would be interesting, and he was once considered for a place in dissida. His chances could be good for getting in, if Yuna is revealed as the 5th character for season 1. Seymour could be thought of as her main rival.

5) - FF15 Aranea (Anti Hero) She's a great character, and has an awesome fighting style that could fit right into Dissidia. Lunafreya, and Iris would be good candidates as well depending on how episode Luna plays out next year. Aranea however feels as though she would be perfect for this game, and as much as I like the idea of Iris the hunter we haven't seen her in this form as of yet. 

6)- FF9 Garnet/Dagger (Hero) Honestly she has great character development, as well as being Zindane's love interest in final fantasy 9. She might have a chance of getting in hopefully. 

7) -FF12 Ashe (Hero) If another character from Final Fantasy 12 is added Ashe would be my first choice for sure. She would be fun to play as, and it would be nice to see another final fantasy girl added in. If not Ashe then Fran would be my next choice.

8)- FF14 Alphinaud (Hero) He's an interesting character, and maybe not everyone's first pick but I think he'd have a cool fighting style for Dissidia.

9)- FF15 Ravus (Anti Hero)? A rival to Noctis, and a misunderstood character. Ravus is a badass fighter, proud and powerful. He has a caring side under his cold exterior. Ravus would make a great addition to Dissidia nt, and deserves more appreciation. If not Ravus then I'd also be happy with Ignis, or Prompto. Another reason I'd choose Ravus is because It would be a hard choice between the other chocobros. And I like the idea of having Aranea as the female representative. Nyx would also be a cool addition.

10) - Most likely would be a villain but by personal choice I'd like FF10 Rikku, Rem from Final fantasy type O, Vincent from Final Fantasy 7, Noel from Final Fantasy 13, Auron from Final Fantasy 10. I'd like to see villains from final fantasy 14, but honestly I'd be happy with any choice as long as Ardyn, Caius, and Seymour make it in. I realize there is a huge chance some of them might not get in but who knows XD

Guesses for the character slots:
Ff1 Two spaces open: 
Ff2 Two spaces open: 
Ff3 Two spaces open: 
Ff4 One space open: Rydia
Ff5 Two spaces open: Gilgamesh, Lenna.
Ff6 One space open: Celes.
Ff7 Two spaces open: Tifa, and Zack. Zack's move set might be different from clouds, they could give him a unique one if they're going to add him.
Ff8 One Space open: Laguna.
Ff9 Two spaces open: Vivi, Beatrix or Garnet.
Ff10 Two spaces open: Yuna, and Seymour.
Ff11 Two spaces open: Prishe
Ff12 Two Spaces open: Ashe, Gabranth.
Ff13 Three spaces open: Snow, Serah, Caius, or Cid Raines. If snow is in his lightning returns form then he could be thought of as a rival to lightning of sorts, leaving Caius as another addition as a villain option. And Sera in her 13.2 form as the hero. In a way keeping the hero/rival theme going for this selection.
Ff14 Three spaces open: Aplhinaud, Any Villian.
Ff15 Three spaces open: Ardyn, Aranea,Ravus. If Ardyn is chosen then Ignis,Prompto,or Gladio could be picked. Then another rival character like Ravus or Aranea maybe.
Tactics- Three spaces open: 
FfZero- Three Spaces open: Rem.

-Ff14 might favour a villain space to balance out a rival for Y'shtola.
- FF10 is very popular in Japan so Seymour is possible. Along with having Yuna in the game. Those two would once again balance out a hero and a rival.
-FF15 might favour a rival to Noct, and that could be any of these three. Ardyn would make the most sense as the villain representative though. 
- FF13 needs a villain, Caius would fit the best. Serah might not happen :( but if enough fans want her in then maybe, as she is quite popular in Japan.
- FFTactics Rem is popular in Japan, so she might have a good chance of getting in.
- FF12 Ashe is popular in the west, she could be a female representative or Fran could.
- FF11 isn't the most popular, and Prishe might be last character added in. Depending if they want to add in Kam's brother.
- FF9 could have a female character added, a lot of fans favour Beatrix over Garnet. Garnet could get in, but with the class differences Beatrix seems more likely, balancing out the Hero Vivi and Villain/Rival Beatrix.
- FF8 After Laguna there might not be anymore characters from this game. With four slots, they need to make it fair for the other games as well.
-FF6 Celes is popular but so is Terra who is already in, so we might get another slot for 6. It's a big fan fave so the chances seem good.
-FF7 might be the most popular final fantasy, so if one series is going to go over four slots it might be this one. If not then most fans might be happy with Zack, and Tifa. 
- FF5 Lenna might not be likely but you never know. We did get Kam after all.
-FF4 Rydia seems to be well liked by fans, and a lot people want to see her in this game so she could have a chance.

Accorrding to the Internet Japan's favourite female final fantasy characters are Lightning, Tifa, Yuna, Serah, and Vanille. It's hard to guess if the creators will go by fan faves, with their choices such as Vayne, and Kam. Maybe they want underrated characters to have a chance in favour of fans favouritism. Plus with balancing out the vanguards, assassins, marksmen, specialists etc. 

With characters like Ardyn I have no idea what his class would be. He seems like more of a heavy hitter than Noctis judging by Episode Ignis, and he's fast but not quite  as fast as Noctis. Hopefully Episode Ardyn might show us more of his fighting style, I'm really excited for it regardless :heart: along with the other new episodes next year :star: 

Dissidia Nt is popular in Japan's arcade edition. Although here's hoping they will continue updating the ps4 console with new characters after season one too. It's a game with a lot of potential and shouldn't be written off, and seeing fan favourites in those awesome graphics would be amazing :D 

who would you like to see added to the game if given a choice? :meow:

Also thank you for faves, and llama's :meow:

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